Minecraft: Survival - World 2

server address mc1.gamergeeks.nz

Play minecraft the way nature intended it, a vanilla survival server with a few server side mods that includes grief prevention and improved chat. Use this server for a relaxed friendly style of minecraft.

New Zealand located Minecraft survival server.

The Rules
  • No griefing
  • No looting
  • No PvP, we have other servers for that.
  • Clean language (there are kids playing).
  • Don't ask to be Op

Command Reference

Warp to main lobby
Warp to world spawn

Core Protect plugin website

/co inspect
Enable the inspector. Type the command again to disable it. This allows you to right click on chests to see who accessed for what.

Essentials plugin website

/delthome [name]
Removes a preset home
/home [name]
Warp back to a home created with the /sethome
/mail [read|clear]
/mail send [player] [message]
Allows you to send & receive mail from other players on the server.
Used for messaging players who are offline.
This command mimic's IM's /me command, allowing players to perform an action.
/msg [player] [message]
Send private message to player.
/sethome [name]
Sets your home location you can return to.
/tpa [player]
Asks the player if you can teleport to them.
Accept a /tpa request.
Deny a /tpa request.
/warp [name]
Warps you to a pre-set location.
Display a list of warp names


Show list of chat channels.
/chwho [channel]
See who's in a channel.
/ignore [player]
/join [channel]
/leave [channel]
/whisper [player] [message]
Whispers private message to player.