Minecraft: Creative

server address mc1.gamergeeks.nz

The creative mode server allows you to use your skills to fabricate, sculpt or design without digging around in the dirt. Create on a bigger scale without the limits of gravity or resource limitations.

New Zealand located Minecraft creative server.

The Rules
  • No griefing
  • No looting
  • No PvP, you may duel if the other play consents.
  • Clean language (there are kids playing).
  • Don't ask to be Op

This mod is used to assign and protect land. Use /plot auto to claim your first plot, then /plot protect to prevent griefing. You can return with /plots home.

Command Reference

Warp to main lobby

Essentials plugin website

/delthome [name]
Removes a preset home
/home [name]
Warp back to a home created with the /sethome
/mail [read|clear]
/mail send [player] [message]
Allows you to send & receive mail from other players on the server.
Used for messaging players who are offline.
This command mimic's IM's /me command, allowing players to perform an action.
/msg [player] [message]
Send private message to player.
/tpa [player]
Asks the player if you can teleport to them.
Accept a /tpa request.
Deny a /tpa request.
/warp [name]
Warps you to a pre-set location.
Display a list of warp names


/plot auto
/plot claim | Claim the plot you're standing on
/plot auto | Claim a free plot
/plot home | 1,2,3.. etc. :
/plot list |
/plot info |
/plot biome | biome : Change the biome of your plot
/plot biomes | List available biomes
/plot clear | Clear your plot
/plot dispose | Dispose your plot
/plot done | Mark your plot as done
/plot deny [player] | Deny a player from your plot
/plot undeny [player] Undeny a denied player from your plot
/plot reset | Reset the plot you're standing on
/plot middle | Teleport to the middle of your plot
/plot trust [player] | Grant a player build access on your plot
/plot untrust [player] | Remove an added players build access on your plot
/plot protect | Protect the plot you are standing on from being cleared or reset


Show list of chat channels.
/chwho [channel]
See who's in a channel.
/ignore [player]
/join [channel]
/leave [channel]
/whisper [player] [message]
Whispers private message to player.

WorldEdit plugin website

Copy the selection to the clipboard
Cut the selection to the clipboard
Flip the contents of the clipboard.
Paste the clipboard's contents
Rotate the contents of the clipboard
//history redo
Undoes the last action
//line |curve |naturalize |smooth |move |forest
//pos1 //pos2
//pos1 Set position 1
//pos2 Set position 2
//hpos1 Set position 1 to targeted block
//hpos2 Set position 2 to targeted block
Toggle functionality of the edit wand
Get the wand object to make selections