Minecraft Tools and Generators

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Hi fans of the gamergeeks.nz website.

I've decided to start a subreddit so you can contribute easier.


It has a lot more features than I have time to write code for, and that time I do spend is better spent working on tools, servers and gaming things on the gamergeeks website.

What you can do

There you can, generally post things related to the gamergeeks.nz website.

  • Ask questions and seek help for the Minecraft tools on the website.
  • Post your command creations.
  • Post content related to playing on the gamergeeks game servers.
  • Make suggestions or provide feedback about gamergeeks stuff.

Why you should sub

News, updates and polls will be posted here. This is the best place to get updates, I post on twitter and facebook as well, but they're not that great for user interaction.