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Update 2.13.1, you may need to clear cache for updated files.

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Tellraw Command Maker Tool

Generate colorful tellraw text for Minecraft Java and Bedrock chat with an easy to use editor. Complete with bold, color picker, set click action and more features. The main part of tellraw is the json text format that provides markup for text decoration. The target selector provides a way to set which players will see the message. Switch basic or advanced editors to suit your need, or java and bedrock depending on you platform.

Java Tellraw Command

The more command rich Java edition uses the newer json format that supports a lot more features, which makes it possible to do the following.

  • Bold, italic, underline, strike-through, obfuscated
  • Full color support
  • Click events (links)

Bedrock Tellraw Command

Older command style Bedrock still uses the old text formatting codes, the ones that use the section sign §. These commands tend to be less json format and more one big long string.

  • Bold, italic, underline, obfuscated
  • Set color codes

Raw Json Text Format Generator

Minecraft messages use a json format to markup visual and interact elements. You can read more here on the Raw JSON text format generator page

Version History

22 Feb 2024
minecraft/command-generator 2.13.1

patchSigns clickEvent command nbt escaping

1 Feb 2024
minecraft/command-generator 2.13

addedStandalone raw Json text format generator
addedText editor help link
patchText parsing for hoverEvent

25 Jan 2024
minecraft/command-generator 2.12

addedInsert special characters to text editor menu
addedhoverEvent options, and clickEvent change page, to text editor
patchText score objects importing
patchCommand prefix on ids for give command generator

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