Version History

Version History

Release 109
20 May 2022

Added Minecraft Armor Stands

minecraft/mob-generator 1.1

addedAdded minecraft armor stands to mob/entity generator.

Release 108
17 May 2022

Albion Online Patch

albion-online/calculators 1.0

patchJavascript templating error

Release 107
13 May 2022

Minecraft Prerelease 1.19 update 2

Prerelease updates for 1.19, with known new blocks and mobs. Minor script optimisations for faster loading.

minecraft/give-generator 1.8.4

addedPrerelease updates for 1.19, additional known new blocks and mobs.

minecraft/mob-generator 1.0.4

addedPrerelease updates for 1.19, additional known new blocks and mobs.

Release 106
21 Apr 2022

Minecraft Prerelease 1.19 update

Prerelease updates for 1.19, with known new blocks and mobs.

minecraft/give-generator 1.8.3

addedPrerelease updates for 1.19, with known new blocks and mobs.

minecraft/mob-generator 1.0.3

addedPrerelease updates for 1.19, with known new blocks and mobs.

Release 105
26 Feb 2022


More performance improvements to autocomplete dropdown

minecraft/give-generator 1.8.2

patchMore performance improvements to autocomplete dropdown

minecraft/mob-generator 1.0.2

patchMore performance improvements to autocomplete dropdown

Release 104
23 Feb 2022


Performance improvements to autocomplete dropdown

minecraft/give-generator 1.8.1

patchPerformance improvements to autocomplete dropdown

minecraft/mob-generator 1.0.1

patchPerformance improvements to autocomplete dropdown

Release 103
11 Feb 2022



pixel/generators 0.3.1

patchCircle generator

Release 102
27 Jan 2022

Save Data

3 years after it was requested, finally added a save feature. This is a public beta release.

minecraft/banners 1.2

addedUser save data

minecraft/give-generator 1.8

addedUser save data

minecraft/mob-generator 1.0

addedUser save data

Release 101
21 Dec 2021


Patch spawner nbt changed

minecraft/mob-generator 0.9.4

patchSpawner nbt changed

Release 100
10 Dec 2021


Minor updates of existing libraries

minecraft/give-generator 1.7.4

patchMinor updates of name and lore editor

minecraft/mob-generator 0.9.3

patchMinor updates of name and lore editor

Release 99
2 Dec 2021

Minecraft 1.18

Minor updates for 1.18, tools now select 1.18 by default. A few other minor changes in the final release.

minecraft/give-generator 1.7.3

added1.18 minor block state changes

Release 98
25 Nov 2021
minecraft/mob-generator 0.9.2

patchFixed spawn egg selection on mobs that don't usually have spawn eggs (credit: reddit/calamariclam_II).
patchFixed import hand and armor items
patchMinor fixes to import summon mob command

Release 97
18 Nov 2021

Multi purpose patch date

General bug fixes and improvements on existing tools.

minecraft/banners 1.0.2

addedSnout Piglin banner pattern (credit: reddit/sharkey300)

minecraft/give-generator 1.7.2

patchUX Improvements to Barrels, Chests, Shulkerbox options (credit: reddit/calamariclam_II). Fixed Bundles.

minecraft/mob-generator 0.9.1

patchFixed import trades
patchMinor fixes to import summon mob command

Release 96
11 Nov 2021
minecraft/mob-generator 0.9

addedImport summon mob command

Release 95
7 Nov 2021
minecraft/banners 1.0.1

patchBanner letters and numbers no longer updating color on selection

Release 94
4 Nov 2021

Banner Maker Overhaul

Merged the give generator into the banner generator, so now you can add all the extra attributes, name, lore and all that. Includes setblock command.

minecraft/banners 1.0

addedGive command UX upgrade

Release 93
21 Oct 2021

Reset Mobs

Minor bug fixes on import. Getting mob generator ready for import by adding reset button.

minecraft/give-generator 1.7.1

patchImprovements to import, notability player heads and potions.

minecraft/mob-generator 0.8.2

addedReset button

minecraft/banners 0.4.3

addedIndia Flag

Release 92
14 Oct 2021

New Knowledge Books Give Command Generator

Adding to the list of useful give generators, this one has a complete list of recipes for quick recipe look up.

minecraft/give-generator 1.7

addedKnowledge Books Give Command Generator.

Release 91
8 Oct 2021

Improved Falling Block Tool

A bunch of improvements to the falling block tool. This update merges the block state and falling tab together, as the tool is much more the same tool with options. Also added import falling block command. In the background, unit testing is slowing being rolled out over all tools so as to increase stability in future releases.

minecraft/give-generator 1.6.1

addedSummon Falling Block generator import and ux improvements.

Release 90
30 Sep 2021

Falling Butter

New minecraft tool Summon Falling Block Generator, an upgrade of the set block tool (credit: reddit/creepern1111). Also added product and mill production for Albion Online animal farm calculator.

albion-online/calculators 0.3

addedAnimal Produce, eggs, milk and mill refined butter
patchCalculate decimals as floats on refine butcher

minecraft/give-generator 1.6

addedSummon Falling Block generator.

Release 89
17 Sep 2021

Boring Updates

A few quality of life updates, as the site grows we need better ways of moving around the site.

albion-online/calculators 0.2

addedRemember values on return
patchRefine cost missing from meat

minecraft/give-generator 1.5.4

patchPostion Ambient, ShowParticles, ShowIcon switched to bool

minecraft/skins 0.5

addedNavigation Improvements

Release 88
2 Sep 2021

Pixel Tools Overhaul

For quite some time the pixel tools have needed some attention.

Draw styles and ux improved, also a new circle tool.

pixel/generators 0.3

addedCircle generator
addedZoom/scale block size
addedImproved styles

Release 87
26 Aug 2021

New Albion Tools

This release sees a few new tools for a different game Albion Online, an experiment into game economy calculations. Not to worry Minecrafters the mob generator also gets name and lore for spawn eggs.

minecraft/mob-generator 0.8.1

addedSpawneggs now have name and lore (includes spawner command block)

albion-online/calculators 0.1

addedCrop, Herb and Animal farm generator

Release 86
13 Aug 2021

Small Summon Mob Spawner Update

Spawners can now be items, but due to a limitation in Minecraft the best way to do this seems to be with an auto command block

minecraft/mob-generator 0.8

addedGive spawner as item ... as a command block
addedSelect Give/setblock spawner
patchSpawn setblock missing co-ords

Release 85
12 Aug 2021
minecraft/mob-generator 0.7.6

addedSelect spawn egg
patchLoader issues, some mob issues

Release 84
6 Aug 2021
minecraft/mob-generator 0.7.5

patchLoader issues, some mob issues

Release 83
5 Aug 2021

Loader Updated

Making way for more tools is the focus of this update with an overhaul of the way scripts are managed, compiled and load, including a new loader. Okay so super boring, but a big update that hopefully breaks nothing and changes things only in the background. This is the start of a lot lot more. Also new mega menu.

minecraft/mob-generator 0.7.4

patchPrevent new line on name

minecraft/give-generator 1.5.3

patchPrevent new line on name

Release 82
15 Jul 2021

New Team Command Generator

New tool which will help with typing all team commands, just enter team name and display name and you're good to go! Also includes a team member selector.


minecraft/mob-generator 0.7.3

addedNBT tag HasVisualFire

minecraft/team-generator 1.0

addedInitial build

Release 81
28 Jun 2021
minecraft/give-generator 1.5.2

patchIssue with potion command not generating.

Release 80
25 Jun 2021
minecraft/give-generator 1.5.1

patchIssue with some items not showing.

Release 79
24 Jun 2021

New Setblock Tool

This update mainly addresses the item vs block bug in the give command generator. When it comes to potatoes vs potato, one if for setblock and one is for the give command, which gets a little confusing when searching. So over the past several weeks I've been rebuilding the database spiting it into items, blocks and both.

It's a bit of an uninteresting background update, but on the plus side I've also added a setblock tool which includes blockstates, which can be useful for some and also allows for some debugging.


minecraft/give-generator 1.5

addedSetblock generator.
addedSplit the object database into blocks and items. Updated autocomplete.

Release 78
3 Jun 2021

New Tool, Chests and Shulker Box

A command generator that sets the contents for chests, shulker boxes, barrels, hoppers and more. Give a full shulker box or setblock a chest with items.


minecraft/give-generator 1.4

addedContainer generator for chests, shulkerboxes, droppers and more.

Release 77
31 May 2021
minecraft/give-generator 1.3.3

patchFixed player head js bug (credit: reddit/Treycker)

Release 76
27 May 2021

Summon potion, improved summon fireworks

This update prepares the way for update v1.4 as the next tool will be chest/shulkers. I've reworked a bit of the ui for summon and eventually setblock command.

minecraft/give-generator 1.3.2

addedSummon potion, improved summon fireworks
patchImport attributes, cando and other repeater elements issue
patchAttributes removed min/max limitations, these can add up to anything (credit: reddit/cheluu_02)
patchRemoved quotation marks from negative values (credit: reddit/kadenbcampbell)

minecraft/mob-generator 0.7.2

patchCode Refactoring

Release 75
4 Apr 2021
minecraft/give-generator 1.3.1

patchServer prefix undefined bug (credit: reddit/Commission-Either)

Release 74
1 Apr 2021
minecraft/mob-generator 0.7.1

patchAttributes with decimals.

Release 73
26 Mar 2021
minecraft/mob-generator 0.7

addedActive Effects as found with potions and beacons.

Release 72
25 Mar 2021
minecraft/banners 0.4.2

addedJapan and Bangladesh Flags
patchMultiple shulkers for too many flags
patchShield 1.13+ Incorrect base colors

Release 71
25 Mar 2021
minecraft/give-generator 1.3

addedFireworks generator
addedHide item dyed color
patchGeneric color picker improvements

Release 70
10 Mar 2021
minecraft/give-generator 1.2.13

patchGeneric color picker improvements (preparing for fireworks)

Release 69
4 Mar 2021
minecraft/give-generator 1.2.12

patchEnchanted Books, prefixes not working

Release 68
4 Mar 2021
minecraft/banners 0.4.1

addedSwiss and Austrian Flags
patchDiagonal preview

Release 67
18 Feb 2021
minecraft/give-generator 1.2.11

addedCustom textures for Player Heads
patchUUID changes (more to come)

Release 66
11 Feb 2021
minecraft/mob-generator 0.6.15

patchDouble colon issue

Release 65
8 Feb 2021
minecraft/give-generator 1.2.10

addedBetter server prefixes
added21w05 Mossy cave blocks, glowsquids (1.17)

Release 64
18 Jan 2021
minecraft/mob-generator 0.6.14

addedItems (Hand/Armor) now have Count
addedRotation (direction) and Tilt (head looks up and down)
addedJson nbt tag data validation fail message
addedImprovements to bool and float nbt data jason encoding

Release 63
14 Jan 2021
minecraft/give-generator 1.2.9c

addedJson nbt tag data debug function
addedJson nbt tag data validation function
patchMinor patch for attributes (and simular)

minecraft/mob-generator 0.6.13c

addedJson nbt tag data debug function
addedJson nbt tag data validation function
patchMinor patch for attributes (and simular)

Release 62
6 Jan 2021
minecraft/give-generator 1.2.8

addedPotion js error

Release 61
5 Jan 2021
minecraft/give-generator 1.2.7

added20w51 Axolotls (1.17)

minecraft/mob-generator 0.6.12

added20w51a Axolotls (1.17)
patchFish bucket variant bug

Release 60
4 Dec 2020
minecraft/give-generator 1.2.6

added20w49 blocks and items (1.17)

Release 59
3 Dec 2020
minecraft/banners 0.4

addedShulker boxses with complete collection of A-Z banners, numbers, and more

minecraft/mob-generator 0.6.11

addedCount check and autofill for villager offers

Release 58
19 Nov 2020
minecraft/banners 0.3.2

addedShield option
added7 step Letter B

Release 57
19 Nov 2020
minecraft/give-generator 1.2.5

patchNBT Color to color
patchImport attributes across versions

Release 56
17 Nov 2020
minecraft/give-generator 1.2.4

patchBugged knockbackResistance 1.15

Release 55
13 Nov 2020
minecraft/give-generator 1.2.3

addedImport nbt improvements, attributes, adventure mode and few other tags
addedReset button

Release 54
6 Nov 2020
minecraft/give-generator 1.2.2

added1.17 blocks and entities in 20w45

minecraft/mob-generator 0.6.10

added1.17 blocks and entities in 20w45

Release 53
31 Oct 2020
minecraft/give-generator 1.2.1

addedImport for enchantment books, playerheads, potions
patchMinor nbt StoredEnchantments generation error

minecraft/mob-generator 0.6.9

patchMinor js bug fixes

Release 52
28 Oct 2020
minecraft/mob-generator 0.6.8

patchObvious EntityTag bug on spawn_egg
patchVillager trades lost suggest search and auto split nbt

Release 51
23 Oct 2020
minecraft/give-generator 1.2

addedImport command frame work (early access)
addedAsset loading optimisaton

minecraft/mob-generator 0.6.7

patchFixed missing horse UX

Release 50
16 Sep 2020
minecraft/give-generator 1.1.1

addedEntityTag Invisible for item frames and armor stands

Release 49
10 Sep 2020
minecraft/banners 0.3.1

addedIreland, Turkey, and United Arab Emirates Flags

minecraft/give-generator 1.1

addedPlayer head generator
addedBook of enchanting generator

Release 48
28 Aug 2020
minecraft/banners 0.2

addedAdded: Letters A-Z
addedAdded: Numbers 0-9
addedAdded: 22 initial flags
addedAdded: Banner converter

Release 47
21 Aug 2020
minecraft/banners 0.1

addedInitial build

minecraft/give-generator 1.0.2

addedToggle simple fonts for devices that can't handle complex font rendering.
patchMinor improvements to name and lore parser

minecraft/mob-generator 0.6.6

addedColored mob names, set colors for mob CustomName tag
addedIntegrated tropical fish
addedBuckets for fish
patchFixed mob passenger options not updating/showing

Release 46
22 Jul 2020
minecraft/give-generator 1.0.1

addedPotions and tipped arrows generator

Release 45
13 Jul 2020
minecraft/mob-generator 0.6.5

patchFixed issue with re-encoding items with attributes for mobs items

Release 44
11 Jul 2020
minecraft/mob-generator 0.6.4

addedOptions for, piglin brute

Release 43
10 Jul 2020
minecraft/give-generator 0.9.2

patchImproved relevancy on search for item/block suggest

minecraft/mob-generator 0.6.3

added1.16 UUID int-array for HurtBy, LoveCause, Owner, Trusted
addedOptions for, hoglin, piglin, strider, zoglin, zombified piglin
patchImproved relevancy on search for item/block suggest

Release 42
6 Jul 2020
minecraft/give-generator 0.9.1

patch1.12 not selecting 1.12 output format (credit: reddit/TheLifelessNerd)

Release 41
3 Jul 2020
minecraft/give-generator 0.9

added1.16 Name and Lore hex colors
addedNew Name and Lore layout, toggle full width, nbt optimizations
patchJson encoder and decoder improvements for IntArray, and single quote optimization (should fix some issues)

minecraft/mob-generator 0.6.2

addedJson encoder and decoder improvements for IntArray, and single quote optimization (should fix some issues)

Release 40
25 Jun 2020
minecraft/give-generator 0.8.2

patch1.16 Attributes UUID generation changes

Release 39
10 Jun 2020
minecraft/mob-generator 0.6.1

addedCreeper Fuse and ExplosionRadius (credit: PaperPrincessAi)

Release 38
10 Jun 2020
minecraft/mob-generator 0.6.0

added1.16 Mobs (initial load with more updates on the way)

Release 37
9 Jun 2020
minecraft/give-generator 0.8.1

addedShow max survival level on enchantments
addedEnchantments and Attributes now filter for version
addedEnchantment Soul Speed
addedMake an item look enchanted (but with no enchantments)

Release 36
7 Jun 2020
minecraft/give-generator 0.8

added1.16 blocks and items (initial load with more updates on the way)
patchReloaded 891 blocks and items icons (yes it was a grind)

Release 35
23 May 2020
minecraft/mob-generator 0.5.6

addedOptions for, villagers, wandering traders, zombie villagers, endermen
addedImproved items ux, now when pasting a give command into the item id or tag column the command will split into it's component parts.
patchSpawn eggs have wrong code for version

Release 34
21 May 2020
minecraft/give-generator 0.7.6

addedRepair Cost (credit: reddit/PyroSweets)

Release 33
2 Apr 2020
minecraft/mob-generator 0.5.5

addedOptions for, parrots, shulkers

Release 32
30 Mar 2020
minecraft/mob-generator 0.5.4

addedOptions for, withers, skeleton horses, zombie horses, zombie pigmen

Release 31
25 Mar 2020
minecraft/mob-generator 0.5.3

addedOptions for, ghasts, illusioners, iron golems, magma cubes, phantoms, pillagers, ravagers, slimes, snow golems, vices, vindicators
addedRaid options for illagers

Release 30
18 Mar 2020
minecraft/mob-generator 0.5.2

addedOptions for, bats, cods, dolphins, drowneds, ender_dragons, endermites, evokers, husks, pufferfishes, salmons
patchRemoved extra space in setblock spawner command (credit: planetminecraft/agent8620)
patchnbt data on items and armor (credit: reddit/WilliamGorman)

Release 29
10 Mar 2020
minecraft/mob-generator 0.5.1

addedAuto max health for when health is set (credit: reddit/ThatBratWithAHat)
patchSpawners can have passengers (credit: reddit/SanianCreations)

Release 28
5 Mar 2020
minecraft/mob-generator 0.5

addedAdditional fields for all breedable and tameable Mobs
addedOptions for, cats, chickens, cows, donkeys, foxes, llamas, mooshrooms, ocelots, pigs, rabbits, sheep, turtles
patchBroken custom names
patchMobs not stacking correctly

Release 27
10 Feb 2020
minecraft/mob-generator 0.4.1

addedMob options for, bees, creepers, pandas, wolves, zombies

Release 26
2 Feb 2020
minecraft/give-generator 0.7.5

patchAttribute, allow negatives
patchChange attribute UUID generation

Release 25
26 Jan 2020
minecraft/give-generator 0.7.4

addedName and Lore obfuscated and strike-through text option
addedNotes and ux improvements
patchAllowed text styles on the same line (credit: planetminecraft/dran_k)

Release 24
20 Jan 2020
minecraft/mob-generator 0.4

addedHorse variants support (and other tags)
addedDetailed Mob Generator Framework

Release 23
10 Jan 2020
minecraft/mob-generator 0.3.1

addedMinecraft Java 1.15

Release 22
6 Jan 2020
minecraft/give-generator 0.7.3

addedMinecraft Java 1.15

Release 21
20 Dec 2019
minecraft/give-generator 0.7.1

addedAll the attribute (removed type filter)

Release 20
20 Dec 2019
minecraft/mob-generator 0.3

addedMinecraft Java 1.12, 1.13

Release 19
16 Oct 2019
minecraft/mob-generator 0.2

addedPassengers (Mounts)

pixel/generators 0.2

addedMinecraft style font, with stairs and slabs

Release 18
1 Sep 2019
minecraft/mob-generator 0.1.3

patchAttribute Floats

pixel/generators 0.1

addedPixel text generator, with 3 fonts, basic styling

Release 17
29 Aug 2019
minecraft/mob-generator 0.1.2

patchItem NBT data, added decode/re-encode ... that's a lot of work
addedAll the attribute (removed type filter)

Release 16
22 Aug 2019
minecraft/give-generator 0.7

addedMinecraft formated json encoding method, option for minecraft/standard (extras)
addedName item short/long option for servers (extras)
patchImproved Lore nbt generation and removed superfluous elements

Release 15
23 Jul 2019
minecraft/mob-generator 0.1.1

addedGiant, Ender Dragon, Iron Golem, Wither
patchSpawners NBT

Release 14
23 Jun 2019
minecraft/mob-generator 0.1

Initial build
addedSummon, Spawn Egg, Spawner

Release 13
14 Jun 2019
minecraft/give-generator 0.6

addedCan place/destroy rules
addedBlock/item search optimisation and free form entry

Release 12
9 Jun 2019
minecraft/give-generator 0.5.6

addedName to attributes, improved ui

Release 11
24 May 2019
minecraft/give-generator 0.5.5

added1.14 new stairs, slabs and walls
added1.14 lore colors and styles
patch1.14 lore NBT

Release 10
8 May 2019
minecraft/give-generator 0.5.4

addedEnchant item recommendation icons

Release 9
28 Apr 2019
minecraft/give-generator 0.5.3

patchRemoved min/max for enchantments
patch1.14 is now default

Release 8
6 Mar 2019
minecraft/give-generator 0.5.2

addedDye leather armor color NBT
added1.14 blocks and entities (work in progress)
addedMoved display flags and added extra's tab

Release 7
21 Feb 2019
minecraft/give-generator 0.5.1

patchImproved block search performance
patchSome missing blocks and block issues for 1.12 and 1.13

Release 6
30 Jan 2019
minecraft/give-generator 0.5

addedColored name text NBT
addedJavascript load improvements

Release 5
28 Dec 2018
minecraft/give-generator 0.4

addedAttributes buffs/debuffs system NBT
addedWarning for long commands
patch1.12 command error due to missing itemdata integer

Release 4
13 Dec 2018
minecraft/give-generator 0.3

added1.13 missing blocks and entities
addedBasic Bedrock command
addedPages for each version

Release 3
8 Nov 2018
minecraft/give-generator 0.2.1

addedHideflags option, and updated the item preview to show enchantments and unbreakable tag.

Release 2
15 Sep 2018
minecraft/give-generator 0.2

addedFull overhaul, 1.12 and 1.13 commands
addedEnchantments, name and lore text.

Release 1
20 Jul 2018
minecraft/give-generator 0.1

addedInitial build, with search and basic command generator