Release 165 - Give Generator Version 2

Version History

Update Release 165
18 Apr 2024

Give Generator Version 2

The give and banner generators have been migrated to version 2 of the give generator. This is a big update, and a lot under the hood has changed. Which probably means lots of new fresh bugs, which I will be working on as soon as they are discovered.

Semantic versioning

A complete rework of the version and version handling for a more complete handling of Minecraft semantic versioning. This allows for handling of going from version 1.20 to 1.20.5 to 1.21, which was a big issue with the old code base. Motivated by the fact Mojang has started making significant changes in patch versions of Minecraft, unfortunate timing but had to be done.

Internally most of the data tables for items, blocks, enchantments, effects and more had to be reworked for the new versioning, along with all the commands and generators. All the generators themselves were updated with new version comparing logic to provide the correct data for the correct version.

Snapshot, SBT, Square block tags

Support has been added for the snapshot version for the newer command format predicates, or as I prefer to call them sbt (square block tags). So far most of the base tags have been added, but tags for the extended give generators such as armor, banners, books, and potions are still to be added.

There currently is no import support for the new command syntax, this will be added in future updates. Snapshot can be selected from the version selector.

Other changes

In this version commands for summon item has been added, along with a few more command options.


Finishing up the new snapshot tags and fixing all those bugs. Thank to everyone who has reported issues so far.

minecraft/command-generator 2.15

addedGive generator migrated to version 2
addedBanner generator migrated to version 2
added1.20.5 predicates, sbt