Summon Experience Orb

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Minecraft Summon Experience Orb Command Generator

XP orbs can be summoned into the world via the summon command, setting the value adjusts the amount of xp a player receives. They can also be summoned with spawn eggs and spawners. Spawners create ongoing orbs at regular intervals and can be used as infinite experience gathering areas. Motion can be used to direct orbs in directions.

Experience Orb Value

Value is the amount of experience a player will receive when picked up. Value also affects size and can have negative values. Values max out when over 32767.

/summon minecraft:experience_orb ~ ~ ~ {Value:100}

Negative values

Numbers below 0 do not give players experience, but they do reduce the durability of tools with the mending enchantment.

/summon minecraft:experience_orb ~ ~ ~ {Value:-10100}

Age and Expiry

XP orbs expire and after 6000 Ticks they will disappear. Setting age can extent or shorten how long orbs remain in world. The following command will summon an orb that only lasts for a minute.

/summon minecraft:experience_orb ~ ~ ~ {Value:100,Age:1200}

Pickup Count

The number of times an orb can be picked up by players. It reduces by 1 each time it's picked up and will disappear when reaching 0. The follow orb can be picked up 10 times.

/summon minecraft:experience_orb ~ ~ ~ {Value:100,Count:10}

Health and Damage

Orbs can take damage from fire, lava and explosions. When health reaches 0 it will disappear.

/summon minecraft:experience_orb ~ ~ ~ {Value:100,Health:1000}

Experience Orb Spawners

Because XP orbs are entities they also work in spawners. The spawner works best if you set all the spawner options.

/give @p command_block{BlockEntityTag: {auto:1, Command: "/setblock ~ ~0 ~ minecraft:spawner{SpawnCount:20, MaxNearbyEntities:1000, SpawnRange:10, Delay:1, MinSpawnDelay:10, MaxSpawnDelay:20, RequiredPlayerRange:10, SpawnData: {entity:{id:experience_orb,Value:10}}} replace"}} 1

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