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Sign Command Maker Tool

Make a command that gives players prewritten signs with formated text. Set color and text style. Options to give, summon item, setblock, and falling block. When creating this custom sign command, the first step is to define the sign's content and format. This can be done by specifying the text, color, and style that the sign should have. For example, the sign could be made to display in bold, italicized text, or in a certain color to draw attention to important information.

Once the formatting has been defined, the command can be set up to give the sign to a player or place it at a specific location using the setblock command. In addition to giving players pre-written signs, the command can also include options to summon items or spawn falling blocks. Summoning a falling block creates a visual animation, when used with motion the sign can move in a direction.

[Beta] Item Generator

This generator is a working prototype of the item generator, built on the newer command generator framework. This includes new options for command output and structured data.

It has fewer options at the moment, so it won't replace the existing item generators until all the existing options have been added to this version. It does feature an improved text editor and will eventually have more options.

Version History

25 May 2023
minecraft/command-generator 1.9

addedPre-release 1.20 data

18 May 2023
minecraft/command-generator 1.8

addedWritten Books

4 May 2023
minecraft/command-generator 1.7

addedGive goat horn custom generator
addedVersion 2 item generator gets enchantment and extra tags support
patchSupport for Hex colors in Text Editor for Title and tellraw java

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