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Minecraft Setblock Command Generator

A powerful and simple to use Minecraft setblock command maker, with options for blocks, such as axis and grow stage. To set block options you can use the Minecraft Setblock command generator to set additional block states, such as direction and crop growth stages.

Blocks vs Items: Some items have different ids, for example setblock beetroots sets the crop, where as give beetroot is for the item.

Block only: Some things exist only as a block and can only be placed into world with setblock, some block examples include potted plants, melon stems and pumpkin stems.

Temporary States: Some block states only work under certain conditions. Some states require blocks next to them or certain conditions to stay active. Notably, fences and walls have directions that can be set but will only stay if another block is next to it. Likewise stairs can be set direction (facing) and upside down, but when shape is set it will reset unless another set of stairs is next to it.

Crops and Bee Hives: The Minecraft Setblock command generator is the perfect tool for setting crop ages, such as potatoes crops and beetroot crops. You can also set honey levels in bee nests and bee hives.

Directions: You can set various wood log directions. Trapdoor states, if doors are already open. Set which way many blocks are facing, such as bee hives. The list goes on.

Version History

25 May 2023
minecraft/give-generator 1.12

addedPre-release 1.20 data

14 Apr 2023
minecraft/give-generator 1.10

addedFireworks, motion on summon
patchGive potion version changing

20 Mar 2023
minecraft/give-generator 1.9.5

patchSave function toggle issue

24 Nov 2022
minecraft/give-generator 1.9.4

patchTags array requires quotes

29 Sep 2022
minecraft/give-generator 1.9.3

patchSlow load bug

22 Sep 2022
minecraft/give-generator 1.9.2

addedLoader internal changes

21 Jul 2022
minecraft/give-generator 1.9.1

patchSummon falling block nbt block state data
patchShulker content internal improvements

14 Jul 2022
minecraft/give-generator 1.9

addedEnchantment Swift Sneak

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