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Custom Armor Pattern Command Maker Tool

The armor trim command maker is a visual preview to help select and build trim commands, with enchantments, color name text, lore and advanced attributes. These commands allow you to acquire, enchant, and modify various aspects of your armor, enhancing your protection and abilities in the world of Minecraft.

Leather armor can be dyed to any color, use the presets or customise the color with more options. The color description text can be hidden with the display hide option. New to Minecraft 1.20 is armor trims, with pattern and material options. The pattern changes the appearance, where trim material changes the color to one of the preset colors. Armor trim color can not be set to a custom color.

Armor trim patterns

There are 16 patterns to choose from. The pattern can be set using the Trim pattern nbt, below is an example command for each pattern.

Trim Pattern Command
Coast /give @a diamond_chestplate{Trim:{pattern:coast,material:amethyst}
Dune /give @a diamond_chestplate{Trim:{pattern:dune,material:amethyst}
Eye /give @a diamond_chestplate{Trim:{pattern:eye,material:amethyst}
Host /give @a diamond_chestplate{Trim:{pattern:host,material:amethyst}
Raiser /give @a diamond_chestplate{Trim:{pattern:raiser,material:amethyst}
Rib /give @a diamond_chestplate{Trim:{pattern:rib,material:amethyst}
Sentry /give @a diamond_chestplate{Trim:{pattern:sentry,material:amethyst}
Shaper /give @a diamond_chestplate{Trim:{pattern:shaper,material:amethyst}
Silence /give @a diamond_chestplate{Trim:{pattern:silence,material:amethyst}
Snout /give @a diamond_chestplate{Trim:{pattern:snout,material:amethyst}
Spire /give @a diamond_chestplate{Trim:{pattern:spire,material:amethyst}
Tide /give @a diamond_chestplate{Trim:{pattern:tide,material:amethyst}
Vex /give @a diamond_chestplate{Trim:{pattern:vex,material:amethyst}
Ward /give @a diamond_chestplate{Trim:{pattern:ward,material:amethyst}
Wayfinder /give @a diamond_chestplate{Trim:{pattern:wayfinder,material:amethyst}
Wild /give @a diamond_chestplate{Trim:{pattern:wild,material:amethyst}

Armor trim colors

There are 10 materials that set color. The material can be set using the Trim material nbt, below is an example command for each material.

Trim Color Command
Amethyst /give @a diamond_chestplate{Trim:{pattern:coast,material:amethyst}
Emerald /give @a diamond_chestplate{Trim:{pattern:coast,material:emerald}
Diamond /give @a diamond_chestplate{Trim:{pattern:coast,material:diamond}
Lapis /give @a diamond_chestplate{Trim:{pattern:coast,material:lapis}
Copper /give @a diamond_chestplate{Trim:{pattern:coast,material:copper}
Gold /give @a diamond_chestplate{Trim:{pattern:coast,material:gold}
Iron /give @a diamond_chestplate{Trim:{pattern:coast,material:iron}
Netherite /give @a diamond_chestplate{Trim:{pattern:coast,material:netherite}
Quartz /give @a diamond_chestplate{Trim:{pattern:coast,material:quartz}
Redstone /give @a diamond_chestplate{Trim:{pattern:coast,material:redstone}

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