Summon Primed TNT


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Minecraft Summon Primed TNT Command Generator

BOOM BOOM BOOM! Summon primed TNT into the world via command, setting the Fuse sets the time until it explosed. They can also be summoned with spawn eggs and spawners. Spawners create ongoing tnt at regular intervals and can be used as infinite explosion areas, however tnt can explode the spawner so some planning of the build is required. Motion can be used to fire tnt in a certain direction.


Time until tnt explodes, the default 0 will explode instantly.

1 second delay.

/summon minecraft:tnt ~ ~ ~ {Fuse:20}

5 second delay.

/summon minecraft:tnt ~ ~ ~ {Fuse:100}

Primed TNT Spawners

Because primed TNT is an entity, it also works in spawners. The spawner works best if you set all the spawner options. You may want to fence the area with bedrock or obsidian. It can also tend to delete the spawner itself.

/give @p command_block{BlockEntityTag: {auto:1, Command:"/setblock ~ ~0 ~ minecraft:spawner{SpawnCount:5, MaxNearbyEntities:100, SpawnRange:10, Delay:10, MinSpawnDelay:10, MaxSpawnDelay:100, RequiredPlayerRange:10, SpawnData:{entity:{id:tnt, Fuse:50}}} replace"}} 1

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