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Team Command Maker Tool

An easy tool to generate commands for team names and adding members. Copy paste all the commands to create, modify and delete team scoreboards. Add and remove team members with the player selector editor. Custom text color and style for team names.

Team Names

Team names can be set a number of ways, easy plain text, or more with a more interesting team name a set with a color and style. Or build a complex team name with multiple colors and styles. See the text tab (above).

Simple plain text only team name can be set with just text wrapped with quotes
/team add <teamname> "Visible Team Name"

Team names support json formatted data to set colors and text styles.
/team add <teamname> {"text":"Visible Team Name","bold":true,"color":"#b02e26"}

The Team name json format also supports an array format for mixing colors and styles. (Use the advanced editor above.)
/team add <teamname> [{"text":"Visible","color":"dark_red"},{"text":" "},{"text":"Team","color":"dark_green"},{"text":" ","color":"dark_green"},{"text":"Name","color":"dark_blue"}]

Team names can be updated with the modify displayName command. This also supports json formats.
/team modify <teamname> "My Team Name"

To set the prefix that appears before team players name's in chat. This also supports json formats.
/team modify <teamname> prefix <prefix>

To set the suffix that appears after team members name's in chat. This also supports json formats.
/team modify <teamname> suffix <suffix>

Team Member Commands

Every team will need members and this command generator also makes commands for adding members, see the members tab.

Use standard player selectors to add a player to the team. e.g. @p[x=20,y=20,z=20,distance=..4]
/team join <teamname> [<members>]

A similar command also removes players from a team. (Also supports standard player selectors.)
/team leave [<members>]

If you need to see which players are in team use the team list command.
/team list [<teamname>]

To remove all players use the team empty command.
/team empty <teamname>

Advanced Team Modify Settings

There are a number of extra team commands that toggle various features of teams.

Modify a team's collision rules
/team modify <teamname> collisionRule <always|never|pushOtherTeams|pushOwnTeam>

Assign a color to a team
/team modify <teamname> color <teamColor>

To set the visibility of death messages for players on a team
/team modify <teamname> deathMessageVisibility <always|never|hideForOtherTeams|hideForOwnTeam>

Adjust friendly fire for a team
/team modify <teamname> friendlyFire <true|false>

Team modify the visibility of nametags for players on a team
/team modify <teamname> nametagVisibility <always|never|hideForOtherTeams|hideForOwnTeam>

Toggle visibility of invisible team members
/team modify <teamname> seeFriendlyInvisibles <true|false>

Extra Team Commands

A few extra team comands.

List all teams
/team list

Delete a team
/team remove <teamname>

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