Minecraft Chess Pieces Banners

The upcoming Minecraft snapshot has changed the command output structure, so most commands will no longer work in the latest snapshot. An update is being worked on, but it will take some time as every tool needs to be updated and quite a number of changes have been made by Mojang.
Chess Pieces

A Chess set in Minecraft banners, pawn, rook, knight, bishop, king and queen. A complete set of colors to choose from.Remember to set colors for black chess pieces and white chess pieces.

Choose the base and pattern color above and preview the color changes below. Experiment with different color backgrounds.

top Minecraft Banner Chess-piece Pawn


top Minecraft Banner Chess-piece Rook


top Minecraft Banner Chess-piece Knight (command only)


top Minecraft Banner Chess-piece Bishop


top Minecraft Banner Chess-piece Queen


top Minecraft Banner Chess-piece King (command only)


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