Minecraft : Raw Json Text Format Generator

Minecraft 1.20.5 has changed syntax on many commands, so most commands will no longer work without an update. An update is in progress, you can check compatibility progress here.

Try the Commands Troubleshooting and Help page if you get stuff with server errors.

Raw Json Text Format Tool

A visual editor for generating command compatible formatted text in json text format. Use in a number of places including chat, signs, books and data packs. The format is complex with many branching options, some options only work for certain commands or used in specific ways in Minecraft. See notes below.


Adds interact events to text, each interaction typically includes both and action element and content element. Content element vary.


A click event occurs when the user clicks on the text, these usually these work in text chat and book. Usually don't work in signs, item name/lore text and title as the text can't be clicked. You can only have one clickEvent on a text element.

  • open_url
    • Content is the url to open, must be a full url such as https://www.gamergeeks.net/
    • Opens a url in the default browser
  • open_file
    • Opens a file on the user's computer. This usually doesn't work due to security vulnerability concerns.
  • run_command
    • Runs a command in the console
    • Works on signs
    • Requires leading slash
    • User must have permission to run the command and can be tricky to get to work
  • suggest_command -
    • Suggests a command in the chat
    • Doesn't work in books
  • change_page
    • Changes the page in a book
    • Book only


A hover event occurs when the user moves the mouse over the text, these usually these work in text chat and book. Usually don't work in signs, item name/lore text and title as tthe mouse cursor doesn't interact. You can only have one hoverEvent on a text element. More clickEvent and hoverEvent within the content of a hoverEvent are not possible.

  • show_text
    • Another raw json text object. Use this tool to insert.
  • show_item
    • Shows an item.
    • id is the item, e.g. minecraft:dirt
    • count is stack count
    • tag is the nbt data
  • show_entity
    • name is the display name
    • type is the entity, such as minecraft:pig
    • uuid is the in game resource id of the entity

Obfuscated, selector, scoreboard/objective

Extra text markup, blocks are highlight within the editor. Note for some items such as signs you will need to replace the sign or use data commands on the sign each time the score objective is updated.

Obfuscated text block

In the editor use the &# button to start a obfusticated text block. You can type any characters within the block and the characters will appear obfuscated within the game.

Selector tag block

In the editor use the @ button to start a target text block. Will display the name of the selected target(s).

Scoreboard / Objective tag block

In the editor use the # button to start a object text block. The popup will allow to set the entity and object name. The in editor format is Player#Objective, which can be updated within the editor.

Work in progress

There's still quite a few things to add, most of which are Java json format.

  • Illager font and fonts in general
  • Use the actual Minecraft font
  • remove clickEvents for /title

Version History

6 Jun 2024
minecraft/command-generator 2.15.11

added1.21 items
addedSome 1.20.5 particle support
patch1.20.5 Container item component nbt

30 May 2024
minecraft/command-generator 2.15.10

patchText/Lore importing

23 May 2024
minecraft/command-generator 2.15.9

added1.20.5 finished adding summon potion, firework, item, falling block, and block display support

16 May 2024
minecraft/command-generator 2.15.8

patch1.20.5 fixed sweeping which had been renamed to sweeping_edge

17 May 2024
minecraft/command-generator 2.15.7

added1.20.5 import for banners, enchanted books, fireworks, goat horns, knowledge books, player heads, potions, signs, and written books

16 May 2024
minecraft/command-generator 2.15.6

added1.20.5 import for base command, and armor

9 May 2024
minecraft/command-generator 2.15.5

added1.20.5 support for banners and premade banners
patch1.20.5 potion Ambient, Particles, Icon

2 May 2024
minecraft/command-generator 2.15.4

added1.20.5 support for summon item
added1.20.5 support for signs
patchplayer head texture urls not working

29 Apr 2024
minecraft/command-generator 2.15.3

added1.20.5 support for Enchanted Books, Fireworks, Player Heads

23 Apr 2024
minecraft/command-generator 2.15.2

added1.20.5 support for Potions, Written Books
patchTargets not updating when updated

18 Apr 2024
minecraft/command-generator 2.15.1

added1.20.5 support for Armor, Knowledge Books
patchItem search

18 Apr 2024
minecraft/command-generator 2.15

addedGive generator migrated to version 2
addedBanner generator migrated to version 2
added1.20.5 predicates, sbt

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