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Update 1.1, you may need to clear cache for updated files.

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Effect Command Maker Tool

Make commands to give players effects such as hunger and darkness, with easy target selector. For both Minecraft Java and Bedrock. There is a different command syntax for both versions, so make sure you choose the version applicable to you. Java and bedrock also have some different effects not available in the other.

Select the effect can harm or help a player. Seconds will set how long the effect will last for. Amplifier will increase the effect on the player, for example the greater the Jump boost amplifier the higher the player will jump. Hide particles will prevent particles appearing around the player whilst the effect in active.

The clear effect command is also selectable. As with the give effect command there is a different syntax between Java and Bedrock. Java supports clearing individual effects, where as Bedrock only supports clear all.

Version History

24 Nov 2022
minecraft/command-generator 1.1

addedParticle command filter visible to Viewers/Target command
addedParticles dust_color_transition, sculk_charge, shriek, and vibration

18 Nov 2022
minecraft/command-generator 1.0

addedParticle command

3 Nov 2022
minecraft/command-generator 0.9.1

addedSettings for server prefix

28 Oct 2022
minecraft/command-generator 0.9

addedKill command
addedTarget selector additions, entity types, limit entities, limit sort for entities
patchRemove link from title text

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