Minecraft : Kill Command Generator

Update 1.1, you may need to clear cache for updated files.

Try the Commands Troubleshooting and Help page if you get stuff with server errors.

Kill Command Maker Tool

Build a kill command using our interactive target selector, select options, enter ranges. For both Minecraft Java and Bedrock. Players and mobs killed with command still drop loot. Can be used to with @e selector to destroy objects such as boats, minecarts, paintings, armor stands, and experience orbs. Once loot has dropped from killed players and mobs, the @e can then be used to delete loot on the ground.

Version History

24 Nov 2022
minecraft/command-generator 1.1

addedParticle command filter visible to Viewers/Target command
addedParticles dust_color_transition, sculk_charge, shriek, and vibration

18 Nov 2022
minecraft/command-generator 1.0

addedParticle command

3 Nov 2022
minecraft/command-generator 0.9.1

addedSettings for server prefix

28 Oct 2022
minecraft/command-generator 0.9

addedKill command
addedTarget selector additions, entity types, limit entities, limit sort for entities
patchRemove link from title text

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