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What's the best thing to use for an area build made of stone blocks? He's a list of stone blocks that could be used to decorate the area.

Andesite Slab
Andesite Stairs
Andesite Wall
Chiseled Stone Bricks
Cobblestone Slab
Cobblestone Stairs
Cobblestone Wall
Cracked Stone Bricks
Infested Chiseled Stone Bricks
Infested Cobblestone
Infested Cracked Stone Bricks
Infested Mossy Stone Bricks
Infested Stone
Infested Stone Bricks
Mossy Cobblestone
Mossy Cobblestone Wall
Mossy Stone Brick Slab
Mossy Stone Brick Stairs
Mossy Stone Brick Wall
Mossy Stone Bricks
Polished Andesite
Polished Andesite Slab
Polished Andesite Stairs
Smooth Stone
Smooth Stone Slab
Stone Brick Slab
Stone Brick Stairs
Stone Brick Wall
Stone Bricks
Stone Button
Stone Pressure Plate

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