New blocks in Minecraft 1.14 java edition

98 new blocks and items were added to Minecraft 1.14 java edition.

Villagers and Pillagers

The Villagers and Pillagers is a major update to villages, villagers and new pillagers. It includes a lot of new variations of existing blocks, including many stair, slab and wall variants of existing blocks.

Andesite Slab
Andesite Stairs
Andesite Wall
Banner Pattern
Banner Pattern
Banner Pattern
Banner Pattern
Banner Pattern
Black Dye
Blast Furnace
Blue Dye
Brick Wall
Brown Dye
Cartography Table
Cut Red Sandstone Slab
Cut Sandstone Slab
Diorite Slab
Diorite Stairs
Diorite Wall
End Stone Brick Slab
End Stone Brick Stairs
End Stone Brick Wall
Fletching Table
Granite Slab
Granite Stairs
Granite Wall
Jigsaw Block
Leather Horse Armor
Lily of the Valley
Mossy Cobblestone Slab
Mossy Cobblestone Stairs
Mossy Stone Brick Slab
Mossy Stone Brick Stairs
Mossy Stone Brick Wall
Nether Brick Wall
Polished Andesite Slab
Polished Andesite Stairs
Polished Diorite Slab
Polished Diorite Stairs
Polished Granite Slab
Polished Granite Stairs
Prismarine Wall
Red Nether Brick Slab
Red Nether Brick Stairs
Red Nether Brick Wall
Red Sandstone Wall
Sandstone Wall
Smithing Table
Smooth Quartz Slab
Smooth Quartz Stairs
Smooth Red Sandstone Slab
Smooth Red Sandstone Stairs
Smooth Sandstone Slab
Smooth Sandstone Stairs
Stone Brick Wall
Stone Slab
Stone Stairs
Suspicious Stew
Sweet Berries
White Dye
Wither Rose

Technical blocks that can't be placed in inventory, can be placed in world by /setblock. Not included in our new block count, as usually a version of an item.

Bamboo Shoot
Potted Bamboo
Potted Cornflower
Potted Lily of the Valley
Potted Wither Rose
Sweet Berry Bush

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