New blocks in Minecraft 1.6 java edition

41 new blocks and items were added to Minecraft 1.6 java edition.

Horse Update

The Horse Update unsurprisingly added horses, and carpets ... because horses need plush stables. Colored clay is added, but Mesa biomes won't be added until 1.7

Black Carpet
Black Terracotta
Block of Coal
Blue Carpet
Blue Terracotta
Brown Carpet
Brown Terracotta
Cyan Carpet
Cyan Terracotta
Diamond Horse Armor
Golden Horse Armor
Gray Carpet
Gray Terracotta
Green Carpet
Green Terracotta
Hay Bale
Iron Horse Armor
Light Blue Carpet
Light Blue Terracotta
Light Gray Carpet
Light Gray Terracotta
Lime Carpet
Lime Terracotta
Magenta Carpet
Magenta Terracotta
Name Tag
Orange Carpet
Orange Terracotta
Pink Carpet
Pink Terracotta
Purple Carpet
Purple Terracotta
Red Carpet
Red Terracotta
White Carpet
White Terracotta
Yellow Carpet
Yellow Terracotta

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