New blocks in Minecraft 1.19 java edition

53 new blocks and items were added to Minecraft 1.19 java edition.

The Wild Update

One of the oldest biomes the swamp gets an update, adding new trees and frogs for the mangrove swamp biome, along with mud which adds a new source for clay. Sculk blocks and the Warden get added in the deep dark biome after having been hinted at for the last few updates.

Acacia Boat with Chest
Birch Boat with Chest
Bucket of Tadpole
Dark Oak Boat with Chest
Disc Fragment
Echo Shard
Jungle Boat with Chest
Mangrove Boat
Mangrove Boat with Chest
Mangrove Button
Mangrove Door
Mangrove Fence
Mangrove Fence Gate
Mangrove Leaves
Mangrove Log
Mangrove Planks
Mangrove Pressure Plate
Mangrove Propagule
Mangrove Roots
Mangrove Slab
Mangrove Stairs
Mangrove Trapdoor
Mangrove Wood
Mud Brick Slab
Mud Brick Stairs
Mud Brick Wall
Mud Bricks
Muddy Mangrove Roots
Music Disc
Oak Boat with Chest
Ochre Froglight
Packed Mud
Pearlescent Froglight
Recovery Compass
Reinforced Deepslate
Sculk Catalyst
Sculk Shrieker
Sculk Vein
Spruce Boat with Chest
Stripped Mangrove Log
Stripped Mangrove Wood
Verdant Froglight

Technical blocks that can't be placed in inventory, can be placed in world by /setblock. Not included in our new block count, as usually a version of an item.

Potted Mangrove Propagule

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