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Albion Online Herb Farming Calculator

The herb farming profit calculator helps work our the best herbs to grow to make the most silver. Maximum herb profit, prevent losing silver on bad crops. As Albion Online is a game of economy, then it's important to take the sell price and minus cost to setup that crop.

Tiers don't just sell for more because they are higher tiers, Arcane Agaric, Brightleaf Comfrey, Crenellated Burdock, Dragon Teasel, Elusive Foxglove, Firetouched Mullein, and Ghoul Yarrow sale prices are based on demand. Any tier can net more silver profit depending on the market.

How to use this tool

This is an estimation calculator, it is recommended go to the market check prices, check how many plots you can water and then look at which crops are likely to make the most profit. In many premium cases you may need to invest in building levels to reach maximum profit.

  • Prices are loaded daily from, they may not be accurate.
  • Harvested seed yields 3-6 of its crop (double yields for premium). We assume 4.5 for non-premium and a 9 average for premium.
  • Watered crops have a 25% chance of 2 worms (75% no worms)
  • Profit is crops harvested, plus seeds collected, plus worms gathered, less initial seeds used
  • Seed counts are the estimated amount received from harvest (you may want to keep some for replanting).

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