Albion Online : Animal Profit Calculator

Albion Online Animal Farming Calculator

The animal farming profit calculator, use butcher calculations to work our the best animals to grow to make the most silver. As Albion Online is a game of economy, then it's important to take the sell price and minus cost to setup that crop.

Tiers don't just sell for more because they are higher tiers, Chicken, Goat, Goose, Sheep, Pig, and Cow sale prices are based on demand. Any tier can net more silver profit depending on the market.

How to use this tool

This is an estimation calculator, it is recommended go to the market check prices, check how many plots you can nurture and then look at which animals are likely to make the most profit. In many premium cases you may need to invest in building levels to reach maximum profit.

In some cases you may want to nurture for just as many young as you need for the next batch and put the rest into refine focus bonus to reach more profit.

  • Prices are loaded daily from, they may not be accurate.
  • Animal plots always yield 1 of its crop.
  • All animals require 10 crop feed, this can be of any kind, just enter your purchase price of food per unit.
  • Profit is animals gathers, plus animal young/babies collected, less initial young/babies used, less crop feed.
  • Young counts are the estimated amount received from gathering (you may want to keep some for the future).

Refine Animals, Butcher

The next logical step is to butcher the animals, so this calculator contains an extension to calculate butcher profit. In most cases this is more profitable, but it's best to enter your pricing above to check.

  • By default the refinement calculator uses the refine rate city bonus, islands are lower, and some other areas are higher. Also you can add your bonus focus rate.
  • Adjust your butcher cost, as it will affect profits.

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