Summon Fireballs and other projectiles

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Minecraft Summon Projectile Entities Command Generator

Summon these projectiles, fireballs, dragon fireball, wither skulls, eggs, ender pearls and other common flying entities. For projectiles to fly they must be given Motion, which sets the direction and speed of the projectile.

Explosive projectiles are unaffected by gravity and will move if hit (or damaged). Many entities have drag which will cause them to slow down and fall to the ground such as eggs and ender pearls. Drag can be removed by adding NoGravity.

Moving Projectiles

It's important to set Motion to have the projectile move. Without Motion the entity will remain stationing if unaffected by gravity, or fall to the ground if affected by gravity.

Fireball will hover motionless in the air.

/summon minecraft:fireball ~ ~ ~

Fireball will fly east.

/summon minecraft:fireball ~ ~ ~ {Motion:[5d,0d,0d]}

Egg will fly west, but gravity will make it fall slowly to the ground.

/summon minecraft:fireball ~ ~ ~ {Motion:[-4d,0d,0d]}

Dragon fireball will fly west and into the ground.

/summon minecraft:dragon_fireball ~ ~ ~ {Motion:[-4d,-1d,0d]}

Explosion Power

If you're looking to make the fireball explosion larger then increase the size of the explosion power tag.

/summon minecraft:fireball ~ ~ ~ {Motion:[1d,-1d,1d],ExplosionPower:10}

No Gravity

Projectiles can ignore gravity and continue flying in any direction by setting the NoGravity tag. This works well on entities such as eggs, ender pearls, eyes of ender and projectiles affected by gravity.

/summon minecraft:ender_pearl ~ ~ ~ {Motion:[1d,0d,0d],NoGravity:1b}

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16 Jun 2022
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2 Jun 2022
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20 May 2022
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