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Minecraft 1.20.5 has changed syntax on many commands, so most commands will no longer work without an update. An update is in progress, you can check compatibility progress here.

Try the Commands Troubleshooting and Help page if you get stuff with server errors.

Minecraft Summon Entity Generator

The minecraft summon command is used to spawn entities into the game world, such as fireballs, armor stands, tnt, experience orbs and more. This generator helps with setting commands and attributes on entities when using the summon command.

Area Effect Cloud
Create a command to summon an area_effect_cloud entity. Use to create visual effects, especially related to potion particles and lingering potion effects.
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Armor Stand
Create an armor stand, set the position of arms, legs, head and body. Add equipment and many more options.
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Experience Orb
XP orbs can be summoned into the world via the summon command, setting the value adjusts the amount of xp a player receives.
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Primed TNT
BOOM BOOM BOOM! Summon primed TNT into the world via command, setting the Fuse sets the time until it explosed.
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Fireballs and other projectiles
Summon these projectiles, fireballs, dragon fireball, wither skulls, eggs, ender pearls and other common flying entities.
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Version History

10 Jul 2024
minecraft/mob-generator 1.6.8

addedNew attributes for 1.21
patch1.20.5+ hand, armor, and trades tag detection and parsing improvements.

4 Jul 2024
minecraft/mob-generator 1.6.7

addedCache busting for updates

3 Jul 2024
minecraft/mob-generator 1.6.6

addedMob attributes 1.21 support

28 Jun 2024
minecraft/mob-generator 1.6.5

patch1.20.5+ give spawn egg command bug with name and lore
patchPufferfish PuffState

6 Jun 2024
minecraft/mob-generator 1.6.4

addedWolf types and armor
addedSome particle support
patchTNT fuse for 1.20.4

30 May 2024
minecraft/mob-generator 1.6.3

added1.20.5 support

23 May 2024
minecraft/mob-generator 1.6.2

patchSpawn egg selector options were messed up

23 Apr 2024
minecraft/mob-generator 1.6.1

patchVersion selector resetting

12 Oct 2023
minecraft/mob-generator 1.6

added1.20.2 Support for ActiveEffects and Effects

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