Terms & Conditions


Supporter subscriptions are complety voluntary and are a way to support GamerGeeks as a fan. Perks are provided as a thank you to subscribers, perks are not a promise of service and are not a service agreement. 

We do not store your credit card information, this information is with our payment provider. If auto renew is enabled, charging usually happens on the day the renew is due. Ongoing subscriptions can be cancelled at anytime, please make sure you do before the renew date as refunds are not always given.

User Policy

If you play on a Gamer Geeks (NZ) server, use the web site, or interact with Gamer Geeks on a 3rd party service (e.g. Social Media), then this policy applies to you.

Be Positive


  • Treat other people with respect
  • Help each other, work together, help newbies
  • Create content, videos, screenshots, be creative (see content policy)
  • Share with the world, videos, pictures and events (see content policy)
  • Forgive, we all make mistakes


  • Harass others (see below)
  • Attack or use exploits against players on servers
  • Use cheats or exploits
  • Attack or exploit servers or systems
  • Post prohibited content (see content policy)
  • Perform illegal activities

Content Policy

Content is any of, (but is not limited to) the following:

  • Forum, blog, support posts
  • Text chat, voice chat, links
  • Images
  • Videos

Don't create, promote or distribute any of the following:

  • Illegal material
  • Stolen or pirated material
  • Sexual, provocative, pornographic or adult content
  • Unauthorised content (i.e. content you don't have permission to use)
  • Gambling, obscenity or criminal activity, underage drinking, drug use, terrorism
  • Using services for the purposes of advertising or propaganda

Harassment Policy

Behaviour that targets individuals, groups or organisations that is damaging to them is prohibited.


  • Make actions with intent to harm (psychological or physical) in real world
  • Make actions that incite harm (psychological or physical) in real world
  • Spam
  • Use abusive language
  • Targeting of servers, software or social media accounts
  • Post personal identifying information (doxing)

Maybe: Read the rules at spawn, as on some servers this may include,

  • Griefing: ingame destruction (most servers)
  • Theft: stealing another player's items or materials (most servers)
  • Player killing: (PvE servers)
  • Spawn killing: (most servers)


  • Phrase criticism positively, i.e. make suggestions about what can be done better
  • Forgive/Apologise. Consider that an event may have gone too far, take a break and return with a clear head
  • Report harassment, include any evidence, player names and time


  • Content deletion, if you create or use inappropriate Content.
  • Temporary muted from chat
  • Temporary User/Account ban, for minor offences
  • Permanent User/Account ban, for major offences
  • Permanent User/Account ban, if you try to avoid suspension with alternate accounts and/or devices.
  • Permanent User/Account ban, if you repeatedly commit violations.

Ban Policy

We don’t like banning people, we really don’t. We want to create an environment that our players enjoy to play in. When players take actions that break the user policy some consequences result in an User/Account ban.


  • Request a ban either via chat to an Admin, or lodge a request in support.


  • Unbanning is not automatic. If we forget and you think you are ready to be unbanned, please log a support ticket.
  • It’s not a given that you will be unbanned. Some players come onto the servers and immediately set about breaking the rules. These players are permanently banned.
  • Admin may choose to unban you sooner or later, depending on the case.
  • Disagreeing or harassing the Admin will not help your case. Ask nicely to be unbanned. It may not be immediate, as admins will check the nature of the ban.

Build Team

A general level of good behaviour is expected, the build team are bound by the same user policy as all users.

The build team are a helpful group that construct and build world features both essential and world expanding for benefit of the community.

Build Team are not admins. It's important to remember that Build Team are builders, not admins. They have no duty to act as admins. In rare circumstances they may act to limit problematic users (i.e. jail) if an admin is unavailable. It is ok to do all the normal helpful things like, let players know the rules, and report to admins bad conduct.

Prime Directive

Build world structures where necessary and under the guidance of the admins. Build maps, minigames and adventure maps/worlds.


Build projects are to be decided together with the admin team. Build projects are to have the general consensus of the build team and admin team.

To help with project cohesion please observe the following

  • Admin team have the ultimate decision if a project is needed
  • Please avoid starting new projects while currents ones are unfinished
  • Only some admins have access to command block


Areas for projects builds

  • World spawns and lobbies
  • Adventure maps
  • Mini games
  • Restoration of griefed areas

Admin Team - Code of Conduction

Admins: This applies to administrators, moderators, staff, and those that have elevated privileges for the purpose of user and server management (excludes the Build Team).

A general level of good behaviour is expected, admins are bound by the same user policy as all users.

Taking on admins is a rare occurrence, fewer admins are better as too many admins complicates operations. We do not at this time take requests from players to be an admin.

Prime Directive

Foster a positive community and help users abide by the code of conduct.


Check with the server owner. Events are great for the community and the more publicity the better.

Item Creation

Admins will not spawn/gift equipment, blocks and other items for users (or themselves). Users need to acquire items for themselves through game play. Working towards goals and their difficulty is what makes the game fun, it can also become a problem to admins receiving lots of requests for essentially doing what the user should be doing.

Ok when,

  • An admin is running a competition that has in game prizes. These prizes may be spawned in.
  • Replacement/recovery of a user’s items that has been lost due to griefing, theft or server crash (data loss).
  • Building a community asset/building on a server.
  • The Admin has a really good reason for doing so.


If a user has breached the user policy, or acted indecently then consider taking action.


  • Warning before a ban
  • Muting before a ban
  • Short bans are often needed to remind certain users of the rules
  • Past history
  • Age of the user, as some behaviours do mature over time

Do ban a user when:

  • They have breached the user policy (content, harassment)
  • They represent a real risk to the users, the community, or services.
  • They have been banned on a similar (non-gamergeeks) service due to their conduct. For example the user has been banned by services such as mcBans, (which has a database of generally banned users). This user may be banned.

Except in extreme cases, admins will not ban users from servers for things that have nothing to do with Gamer Geeks (NZ).

Don't ban:

  • For reasons of race, gender, job, political affiliations, religious affiliations, or press affiliations.
  • When a warning will do.
  • When a mute will do.


  • Users is attempting to be edgy or swears in chat,
    Warn, then 1 hour mute, then 24 hours, then 1 week
  • User has griefed friend's homes, 3 day ban (these can be hard to work out)
  • User has griefed not affiliated user homes, 1 week ban (unlikely, player should protect)
  • User has used hacks to grief spawn or player protected homes, permanent ban