Simulation : Zombies vs Villagers


Zero Player Battle-Royal, Zombies vs Villagers

Golems defend against a zombie horde attempting to eat all the villagers. This simulation is a zero player game, sit back and watch the villagers run. A group of golems defend by attempting to eliminate zombies, before all the zombies eat all the villagers. Each time the game is played groups of zombies, villagers, and golems are spawned in at random locations.

Each mob has a preset behavior routine it follows to achieve it's own goal. While the mobs don't possess any actual intelligence, their behaviour creates an interesting dynamic within the game. It's fascinating to observe how the teams strategize and adapt to the ever-changing circumstances, making each play-through unique and entertaining.


In this game of Zombies vs Villagers, each mob exhibit some basic behaviours, although it may not be very smart, each team member follows a few simple rules to navigate the game:

Always move towards the nearest villager. They do this even if it means walking into a golem that would kill them. Not very smart, but they are braindead zombies. They are by default the slowest, swarming or cornering villagers is their only hope. They can also convert villagers into zombies, which helps boost zombie numbers.

The villagers are just trying to not be eaten. They will always run away from nearby zombies, if there are no near by zombies they will wander around aimlessly.

Will always chase down the nearest zombie, they don't plan or split up. Often this is a bad strategy. Golems are slightly faster than zombies, often this means zombies may reach villagers before a golem can reach the zombies.


Default team size numbers and speeds allow for an almost even spread of wins. Options can be changed, team size takes affect on the start of the round. Speed and transformations take affect immediately.