New blocks in Minecraft 1.12 java edition

52 new blocks and items were added to Minecraft 1.12 java edition.

World of Color Update

The World of Color Update is a major update which unsurprisingly added a lot of colored blocks, the addition of colored concrete gave players the ability to build in color without using wool. Also a range of terracotta blocks that could be used to create some eye catching patterns.

Black Concrete
Black Concrete Powder
Black Glazed Terracotta
Blue Concrete
Blue Concrete Powder
Blue Glazed Terracotta
Brown Concrete
Brown Concrete Powder
Brown Glazed Terracotta
Cyan Concrete
Cyan Concrete Powder
Cyan Glazed Terracotta
Gray Concrete
Gray Concrete Powder
Gray Glazed Terracotta
Green Concrete
Green Concrete Powder
Green Glazed Terracotta
Light Blue Concrete
Light Blue Concrete Powder
Light Blue Glazed Terracotta
Light Gray Concrete
Light Gray Concrete Powder
Light Gray Glazed Terracotta
Lime Concrete
Lime Concrete Powder
Lime Glazed Terracotta
Magenta Concrete
Magenta Concrete Powder
Magenta Glazed Terracotta
Orange Concrete
Orange Concrete Powder
Orange Glazed Terracotta
Pink Concrete
Pink Concrete Powder
Pink Glazed Terracotta
Purple Concrete
Purple Concrete Powder
Purple Glazed Terracotta
Red Concrete
Red Concrete Powder
Red Glazed Terracotta
White Concrete
White Concrete Powder
White Glazed Terracotta
Yellow Concrete
Yellow Concrete Powder
Yellow Glazed Terracotta

Technical blocks that can't be placed in inventory, can be placed in world by /setblock. Not included in our new block count, as usually a version of an item.

Attached Melon Stem
Attached Pumpkin Stem

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