New blocks in Minecraft 1.4 java edition

38 new blocks and items were added to Minecraft 1.4 java edition.

Pretty Scary Update

The Pretty Scary Update added the new scary mobs, witches, bats, zombie villagers, and wither skeletons. It was also a tasty update adding potatoes, pumpkin pie and carrots.

Baked Potato
Carrot on a Stick
Cobblestone Wall
Command Block
Double Stone Slab:6
Empty Map
Firework Star
Flower Pot
Golden Carrot
Item Frame
Mossy Cobblestone Wall
Nether Brick Slab
Nether Star
Oak Button
Poisonous Potato
Pumpkin Pie

Technical blocks that can't be placed in inventory, can be placed in world by /setblock. Not included in our new block count, as usually a version of an item.

Potted Birch Sapling
Potted Brown Mushroom
Potted Cactus
Potted Dandelion
Potted Dark Oak Sapling
Potted Dead Bush
Potted Fern
Potted Jungle Sapling
Potted Oak Sapling
Potted Poppy
Potted Red Mushroom
Potted Spruce Sapling
Firework Rocket
Wither Skeleton

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