List of Metal blocks in Minecraft

The page displays the name of each metal type and its corresponding icon, providing a quick reference for players. This is a simple list of blocks of each metal type, including gold, iron, copper, and netherite, along with its corresponding icon for easy identification. Each metal type is accompanied by information on how to obtain it, what it can be used for, and its unique properties. This resource is especially useful for new Minecraft players who may not be familiar with the game's many metal types, as well as seasoned players looking to expand their knowledge of the different metals available in the game.

Copper blocks

Block of Copper
Cut Slab
Cut Stairs
Exposed Cut
Exposed Cut Slab
Exposed Cut Stairs
Oxidized Cut
Oxidized Cut Slab
Oxidized Cut Stairs
Waxed Block of
Waxed Cut
Waxed Cut Slab
Waxed Cut Stairs
Waxed Exposed
Waxed Exposed Cut
Waxed Exposed Cut Slab
Waxed Exposed Cut Stairs
Waxed Oxidized
Waxed Oxidized Cut
Waxed Oxidized Cut Slab
Waxed Oxidized Cut Stairs
Waxed Weathered
Waxed Weathered Cut
Waxed Weathered Cut Slab
Waxed Weathered Cut Stairs
Weathered Cut
Weathered Cut Slab
Weathered Cut Stairs

Gold blocks

Block of Gold

Iron blocks

Block of Iron

Netherite blocks

Block of Netherite

Blocks by Material

Blocks by Color

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