Version History Minecraft Command Generator

Version History

31 Aug 2023

Area cloud affect updated and other bug fixes

Area cloud affect has been updated, which have effects and more partical options with blocks and items. Thanks to redditors TheOceanMango and ChaotiXu for motivation on this one.

Fixed, Added more decimal points to mob loot drop, to allow for smaller percentage odds of drops. Thanks to redditor RealTooPoo for suggesting this.

Fixed, uuid numbers now regenerate on attributes when the item is changed. Thanks to redditor camerasantikaren for working with me to get this one corrected.

Fixed, Added turtle helmet to armor buttons.

minecraft/command-generator 2.5

patchattributes on armor generator now updated uuid on item change
patchadded turtle helmet which was missing from material icons

17 Aug 2023

Area cloud affect updated and other bug fixes

Area cloud affect has been updated, potion effects now work correctly and color can now be set for entity_effect. There are other color particle syntax and this will be the focus of next future update. Thanks to redditors TheOceanMango and ChaotiXu for motivation on this one.

Fixed, note particle generator default values so colors are generated correctly with out need to manual set. Thanks to redditor LyoGyo once again reporting another improvement.

Fixed, Locked containers don't lock. Due to a tag in the wrong place containers wouldn't lock correctly. Thanks to redditor GhostIsBeHere

Fixed: Item Tag bug, Tags:["tags"] instead of tags:1b. Thanks to redditor deleted, with so many tags it's tricky to know how they all work. Probably will need a little more work in this area.

minecraft/command-generator 2.4.1

patchnote particle generator default value

20 Jul 2023

Improvements and fixes

A range of minor bug updates to the v2 item command generator, mostly relating to text display.

Signs now support commands.

minecraft/command-generator 2.4

Text display improvements, signs command support

6 Jul 2023

Armor Generator Patches

Minor updates and fixes to Armor generator and the v2 item command generator.

Leather color now updates in preview. Name and lore text preview had been added, this is a work in progress and still needs a little more work.

Some items won't work with some commands, so a warning will now display if a block/item is incompatibility with the command selected.

minecraft/command-generator 2.3

addedArmor, leather color now updates in preview
addedText item preview
addedCommand incompatibility warning
patchItem attributes missing option chest

29 Jun 2023

Armor Generator for 1.20

Introducing a preview of the armor command generator! This early release offers a range of incredible features, including customizable trim patterns and the ability to dye leather armor. Although the trim colors may not be an exact match, and there is currently no preview for dyed leather armor, I have chosen to release this version now instead of delaying it for another week. Rest assured, I will continue to work on improving the color accuracy in the upcoming updates. Enjoy exploring the available options and stay tuned for future enhancements!

minecraft/command-generator 2.2

addedArmor, armor trims custom generator

22 Jun 2023

Sign Generator updated for 1.20

As the title says, the sign generator has been updated for 1.20. This adds the new nbt tags for front and back, and should still keep working with 1.19. Thanks to redditor luigicat9 for prompting this one.

That was a bit of difficult update, as the text editor is still giving me grief. It's one area I continue to work on and improve. Some day it will be perfect.


An armor command generator is currently being worked on. Lot's of good feature requests coming through at the moment, I am making a note of them and many will be in future updates.

minecraft/command-generator 2.1

added1.20 Signs

15 Jun 2023

Additions and Patches

The item command generator now includes attributes and adventure mode features, which brings the signs and books closer to having all the features of the give generator. Additionally, the command generator's semantic version has been bumped to version 2.0, as it will eventually replace the give generator and serve as the core command generator.

Bug fixes

I greatly appreciate your efforts in reporting issues and providing suggestions.

A recent update broke custom egg icon selector on the mob generator. Thanks redditor calamariclam_II for reporting.

A strange bug with custom colors on written books has been hopefully now been patched. Thanks redditor Monkeyswithpie for reporting.


Signs need a 1.20 update. Then a few more bug fixes, minor improvements as reported, and then the armor generator. Also I really need to add a better minecraft font to the editor.

minecraft/command-generator 2.0

addedItem generator gets attributes and adventure mode features

25 May 2023

Minecraft pre-release 1.20 data

The next Minecraft release 1.20 is almost here and this update adds the new items, blocks, and mobs to the tools database based on the anticipated pre-release data. The tools are still set to 1.19, but 1.20 can be selected from the version selector in most cases. It is a chance to preview the chances before setting the tools to 1.20 after release.


We need an armor generator for the new armor trims, there's a fair bit to do for this to work so it maybe a few weeks before this gets released.

minecraft/command-generator 1.9

addedPre-release 1.20 data

18 May 2023

Written Books

One of the most popular request has been written books and finally here's a tool for that. This one took a while, I was quite worried how difficult it would be to implement something that works and is easy enough to use. This update adds the complexity of pages to the text editor and several behind the scene improvements.


Minecraft 1.20 is on its way, with pre-release updates already rolling out. This signifies that the main feature blocks and items have reached a stable state, allowing us to incorporate them into our command generator tools. The next few updates will be focused on 1.20 blocks and items, after that I think we need an armor generator for the new armor trims. That's quite a bit to do, so I better get started.

minecraft/command-generator 1.8

addedWritten Books

4 May 2023

Goat horns and enchantments

A range of minor updates this week.

Epic_Games000 suggested adding goat horn sounds, this was a nice test into further work on version 2 of the item generator. It was interesting to add the play sound buttons, maybe I will look at more sound commands in the future.

Hi_MyNameSteve pointed out that the tellraw text editor was custom color picker for text. So that has been added. Bedrock still has no support for this.

The second version of the item generator, which creates signs, now includes enchantments and additional tags. These updates are in preparation for the development of a custom armor generator that will support the 1.20 armor trims.

minecraft/command-generator 1.7

addedGive goat horn custom generator
addedVersion 2 item generator gets enchantment and extra tags support
patchSupport for Hex colors in Text Editor for Title and tellraw java

20 Apr 2023

More commands get save

Smaller update this week, as the save feature has been added to the following Minecraft command generators: effects, kill, particles, teleport, tellraw.

minecraft/command-generator 1.6

addedSave the other commands

6 Apr 2023

Sign command generator

Introducing the Sign Command Generator - a powerful tool that enables you to create bespoke signs with commands tailored to your needs.

Although it has been two months since the last major release, I have been hard at work revamping the WYSIWYG text editor and developing a new working prototype of the give/item generator. It took a lot more time than I thought it would, but finally I think it's stable enough.

The latest prototype is the foundation for a new item command generator, allowing for more command options such as setblock and summon item. Currently there are fewer features than the predecessor, but holds great potential for future development. Rest assured that the existing item generators will continue to be available until all features have been integrated into this version.

minecraft/command-generator 1.5

addedSign command generator

2 Feb 2023

Teleport Dimensions

An often requested feature of the teleport commands is to move dimensions. A tricky command that uses the execute command to force the command on the player.

minecraft/command-generator 1.4

addedTeleport dimensions

5 Jan 2023

Tellraw text run command patch

Patched a number issues with text linking in run commands and other function.

minecraft/command-generator 1.3.1

patchTellraw text run command patch

16 Dec 2022


New command generator for teleport. There's actually quite a few options which sets where the player will look on teleport.

minecraft/command-generator 1.3

addedTeleport command

8 Dec 2022

Final Particles

Added the last few particle arguments for block, block_marker, falling_dust and item. An autocomplete selector for easy selecting of blocks and the ability to use block states to change the look in some cases.

minecraft/command-generator 1.2

addedParticles block, block_marker, falling_dust, and item

24 Nov 2022

More Particles

Particle generator now has the viewer filter argument, an option that sets which users can see the particles. Added extra arguments for the unique particles dust_color_transition, sculk_charge, shriek, and vibration. Some minor changes and tweaks in the particle command tool. There is still a few particles to add next, these make use of block or item data.

Small but difficult patch of give and mob commands nbt Tags requiring quotes, thanks to ultimatewolfsbane pointing that out over on reddit.

minecraft/command-generator 1.1

addedParticle command filter visible to Viewers/Target command
addedParticles dust_color_transition, sculk_charge, shriek, and vibration

18 Nov 2022

Added particle command

Minecraft particles are a neat visual element that can appear in the world. The particle command seemed like a small addition at first, but I soon discovered how complicated some particles options are. This tool should make it a lot easier to build colored particles and all the rest.

There's still a few more particles complicated particle options with blocks and items to be added. I'll be adding more particle options in the coming weeks, along with some needed give tool bug/feature requests.

minecraft/command-generator 1.0

addedParticle command

3 Nov 2022

Other Commands, settings for server prefix

Small update for the effects, kill, title and tellraw generators. Adding setting for server prefix and also toggle chat or command block mode.

minecraft/command-generator 0.9.1

addedSettings for server prefix

28 Oct 2022

Added kill command

A simple kill command addition, which is largely a target selector generator. Also added more to the target selector area, mostly around entity selection which is important for the kill command. This update also hides some internal refactoring of the command generator, hopefully I didn't break anything.

minecraft/command-generator 0.9

addedKill command
addedTarget selector additions, entity types, limit entities, limit sort for entities
patchRemove link from title text

21 Oct 2022

Text/Title Command Generator, Import Command

Added import tab, so now you can import commands for tellraw and title command generators. Next step will be the save/load feature, and some feature additions.

A big thank to the on going supporters, Nyaeris, Loser, TaimoorTariq

minecraft/command-generator 0.8

addedText/Title, import command
patchReset buttons

5 Oct 2022

Effect Command Generator, Import Command

Added import tab, so now you can import commands for effects. Next step will be applying this to the text editor, and then the save/load feature.

A big thank to the on going supporters, Nyaeris, Loser, Mika, TaimoorTariq

minecraft/command-generator 0.7

addedEffect, import command

29 Sep 2022

Effect Command Generator

This update adds a generator for effects command, with easy target selector. For both Minecraft Java and Bedrock, as there are different command syntax for both versions. Also have some different effects not available in the other.

A big thank to the on going supporters, Nyaeris, Loser, Mika, TaimoorTariq

minecraft/command-generator 0.6

addedEffect, java and bedrock
patchTeam command, advanced editor not working
patchSlow load bug

22 Sep 2022

Loader Update

Internal updates to the app loader, that's the one with the rotating cog. Changes to how extra assets are loaded, this is always a problem so please post if you have an issue and I'll investigate. Small changers to command generator framework. A fix to the team command generator advanced text generator.

minecraft/command-generator 0.5

addedLoader improvements
patchTeam command, advanced editor not working

15 Sep 2022

Title command generator

This update adds java and bedrock versions of the title command. Mostly the same as the tellraw command with a few quirks for bedrock.

A big thank to the ongoing supporters, Nyaeris, Ethyriel, Loser, Mika, TaimoorTariq

minecraft/command-generator 0.4

addedTitle command, java and bedrock

1 Sep 2022

Bedrock Tellraw command generator

This update adds bedrock version of the tellraw command. Bedrock still uses the old text formatting codes, the ones that use the section sign §. It's not great, but it's something. This is part of a long term effort to prepare the tools take on all the bedrock for existing commans.

A big thank to the ongoing supporters, Nyaeris, Loser, Ethyriel, TaimoorTariq

minecraft/command-generator 0.3

addedTellraw command, bedrock version

19 Aug 2022

New Tellraw tool and editor overhaul

The editor is long overdue for an overhaul and work on the new tellraw generator is underway. This update and the next few will focus on adding features to the text editor, then those changes will be applied into the give/summon tools once it's stable enough. This is part of a bigger piece of work of preparing the tools for bedrock and an overhaul of the framework to allow for expanding to more commands.

Lots of feedback, I do note all these down and will be fitting many around upcoming text generator tools. Some changes are more difficult than others, so if a feature request sits for a while it maybe waiting on some other complex code to be completed first.

A big thank to the ongoing supporters, Nyaeris, Loser, Ethyriel, Mika, TaimoorTariq

minecraft/command-generator 0.2

addedTellraw command, java version

15 Jul 2021

New Team Command Generator

New tool which will help with typing all team commands, just enter team name and display name and you're good to go! Also includes a team member selector.

minecraft/command-generator 0.1

addedTeam command, java