Release 172 - Updates 166 - 172

Version History

Update Release 172
17 May 2024

Updates 166 - 172

It's been a while since an update post, there's been a lot of changes and bug fixes, but not a lot of interesting new features to report.

Updates have focused around adding 1.20.5 support to the command generators. A bulk of this is now complete for give (see compatibility list), however there is still a lot to do over the coming weeks. Next up is checking over bugs in reddit and then rounding out the missing parts of give, then finally the mob generator will get some love.

More to follow soon.

minecraft/command-generator 2.15.7

added1.20.5 import for banners, enchanted books, fireworks, goat horns, knowledge books, player heads, potions, signs, and written books