Version History Albion Online

Version History

20 May 2022

Albion Online Patch

albion-online/calculators 1.0

patchJavascript templating error

30 Sep 2021

Falling Butter

New minecraft tool Summon Falling Block Generator, an upgrade of the set block tool (credit: reddit/creepern1111). Also added product and mill production for Albion Online animal farm calculator.

albion-online/calculators 0.3

addedAnimal Produce, eggs, milk and mill refined butter
patchCalculate decimals as floats on refine butcher

17 Sep 2021

Boring Updates

A few quality of life updates, as the site grows we need better ways of moving around the site.

albion-online/calculators 0.2

addedRemember values on return
patchRefine cost missing from meat

26 Aug 2021

New Albion Tools

This release sees a few new tools for a different game Albion Online, an experiment into game economy calculations.

Not to worry Minecrafters, Minecraft is still the main focus and these are still more new tools and featured planned. But for today this update also includes for the mob generator name and lore for spawn eggs.

albion-online/calculators 0.1

addedCrop, Herb and Animal farm generator