Version History Minecraft Give Command Generator

Version History

6 Nov 2023

Potion generator Safari browser work around

Thanks to a helpful user I was able to track down a bug with the potion generator on Safari browsers.

minecraft/give-generator 1.14.1

patch1.20.2 Potion generator overhaul

3 Nov 2023

Potion generator overhaul

An overhaul of the potion generator, which better handles Minecraft 1.20.2. It also adds several improvements such as summon item and motion for summon potion. Effects are now more streamlined, as the list was getting very long.

minecraft/give-generator 1.14

added1.20.2 Potion generator overhaul

12 Oct 2023

A salty update for potions and active effects on mobs

If you wondered why potions no longer worked and active mob affects were missing, it was because Mojang changed the way it worked. The 1.20.2 patch update renamed Effects to effects, CustomPotionEffects to custom_potion_effects, ActiveEffects to active_effects. Small but breaking changes. Thanks to redditor Thesuperdog225 for reporting this one.

This is a rushed out update, import for these nbt tags are a little broken. An update is planned to fix, but that will take a lot more time.

Also included in this update, data merge has been added for signs. I was planning more for this update but it was important to get potions working again as it is one of the more popular tools.

minecraft/give-generator 1.13

added1.20.2 Support for Potions CustomPotionEffects

17 Aug 2023

Area cloud affect updated and other bug fixes

Area cloud affect has been updated, potion effects now work correctly and color can now be set for entity_effect. There are other color particle syntax and this will be the focus of next future update. Thanks to redditors TheOceanMango and ChaotiXu for motivation on this one.

Fixed, note particle generator default values so colors are generated correctly with out need to manual set. Thanks to redditor LyoGyo once again reporting another improvement.

Fixed, Locked containers don't lock. Due to a tag in the wrong place containers wouldn't lock correctly. Thanks to redditor GhostIsBeHere

Fixed: Item Tag bug, Tags:["tags"] instead of tags:1b. Thanks to redditor deleted, with so many tags it's tricky to know how they all work. Probably will need a little more work in this area.

minecraft/give-generator 1.12.1

patchchest generator lock
patchgive item tag bool

25 May 2023

Minecraft pre-release 1.20 data

The next Minecraft release 1.20 is almost here and this update adds the new items, blocks, and mobs to the tools database based on the anticipated pre-release data. The tools are still set to 1.19, but 1.20 can be selected from the version selector in most cases. It is a chance to preview the chances before setting the tools to 1.20 after release.


We need an armor generator for the new armor trims, there's a fair bit to do for this to work so it maybe a few weeks before this gets released.

minecraft/give-generator 1.12

addedPre-release 1.20 data

14 Apr 2023

Fireworks, Flags and Potions update

Quality of life improvements to the give command generators.


Added nbt Motion to the summon fireworks generator. This will allow firing rockets in various directions. Thanks to LyoGyo for that suggestion over on reddit.


Added more tri-colour flags to the banner generator, Armenia, Benin, Bulgaria, Croatia, Madagascar, Namibia, Nigeria, Oman, Peru, Romania Flags. Thanks to Gugalcrom123 for the suggestion over on reddit.


Small patch of give potion generator, when selecting version potions would become cobblestone and also effects would not updated. Thanks to tothamon for pointing that out over on reddit.

minecraft/give-generator 1.10

addedFireworks, motion on summon
patchGive potion version changing

20 Mar 2023

Save function toggle issue

minecraft/give-generator 1.9.5

patchSave function toggle issue

24 Nov 2022

More Particles

Particle generator now has the viewer filter argument, an option that sets which users can see the particles. Added extra arguments for the unique particles dust_color_transition, sculk_charge, shriek, and vibration. Some minor changes and tweaks in the particle command tool. There is still a few particles to add next, these make use of block or item data.

Small but difficult patch of give and mob commands nbt Tags requiring quotes, thanks to ultimatewolfsbane pointing that out over on reddit.

minecraft/give-generator 1.9.4

patchTags array requires quotes

29 Sep 2022

Effect Command Generator

This update adds a generator for effects command, with easy target selector. For both Minecraft Java and Bedrock, as there are different command syntax for both versions. Also have some different effects not available in the other.

A big thank to the on going supporters, Nyaeris, Loser, Mika, TaimoorTariq

minecraft/give-generator 1.9.3

patchSlow load bug

22 Sep 2022

Loader Update

Internal updates to the app loader, that's the one with the rotating cog. Changes to how extra assets are loaded, this is always a problem so please post if you have an issue and I'll investigate. Small changers to command generator framework. A fix to the team command generator advanced text generator.

minecraft/give-generator 1.9.2

addedLoader internal changes

21 Jul 2022

Bugs and Cats Variants

This week's update focuses on bug and improvements, with the help of the wonderful people on reddit and pmc.

Cats in 1.19 had a nbt change from CatType to variants, along with switching from ids to strings.

Snowyboi (pmc) discovered the odd behaviour of falling blocks needing quotes on the block state nbt values, usually minecraft doesn't require these for values when there are no spaces. Both summon falling block and setblock have some odd quirks and probably will need more work over time.

GameDokter51 (pmc) points out that shulker had an overflow issue. I've restructured the internal data that should prevent this.

A big thank to the ongoing gamergeeks donors, Nyaeris, Ethyriel, Loser

minecraft/give-generator 1.9.1

patchSummon falling block nbt block state data
patchShulker content internal improvements

14 Jul 2022

Team and Tag

This week's update focuses on small things that were missing and pointed out by people on both reddit and pmc.

Cyber_Killer_ (pmc) and BingoOnBreak (reddit) both suggested the mob team tag be added. This tag allows mobs to be added automatically to a team on summon. Commands can later target those mobs by the team selector. Very useful and had been missing for some time.

/team add blueTeam

/summon minecraft:chicken ~ ~ ~ {Team:blueTeam}

/kill @e[team=blueTeam]

Indigen0us suggested we add Tags for items, so now items can be given an comma separated list of tags. Similar to team, these tags can be used to target items with various commands. I also noticed Tags was broken on Mobs, so that has been added correctly this time.

GameDokter51 (pmc) and GhostIsBeHere (reddit) both pointed out that the item enchantment Swift Sneak was missing. I'm not sure how that once sneaked by, but I've added it now.

In the background I've been working on improving automated tests, currently there are over 100 tests that are run to check I didn't break anything (and yet things still sometimes break!)

A big thank you to gamergeeks support donators, Nyaeris, Ethyriel, Loser, Mika

minecraft/give-generator 1.9

addedEnchantment Swift Sneak

13 May 2022

Minecraft Prerelease 1.19 update 2

Added new disk and horns. I found that some of the scripts were not compressing correct and bloating out, so I've been able correct that, which will allow faster side loads for some users. Some other minor bug fixes

Armor Stands

I've been working on armor stand functionally the last few weeks, learning how to build a 3d model for preview. It needs a little more polish before release, optimistically it could be out next week. This also creates the initial work to allow for more entities in the future, such as lit tnt and projectiles.

Once again thank you for all the suggestions, I've pinned quite a few to my wall (literal paper, pins and wall).

minecraft/give-generator 1.8.4

addedPrerelease updates for 1.19, additional known new blocks and mobs.

21 Apr 2022

Minecraft Prerelease 1.19 update

It's been some time since a solid update, as I've mostly been improving things in the background. The last few weeks I've been preparing a pre 1.19 update, so we can be ready when 1.19 is finally released.

You will need to select 1.19 manually from the version drop downs for the new items/mobs to appear.

The 4 new mobs are fascinating and have lots of interesting behaviours, the frogs have a variant option to set in the mob generator.

Items are mostly mangrove and swamp related blocks. You can see a quick list of the new blocks here

Thank you to everyone that leaves suggestions and helps me through bugs. I don't always reply, but if you see "feature request" or "bug" tag next to your post, you have been noticed (I will also usually upvote).

Thanks everyone, stay awesome

minecraft/give-generator 1.8.3

addedPrerelease updates for 1.19, with known new blocks and mobs.

26 Feb 2022


More performance improvements to autocomplete dropdown

minecraft/give-generator 1.8.2

patchMore performance improvements to autocomplete dropdown

23 Feb 2022


Performance improvements to autocomplete dropdown

minecraft/give-generator 1.8.1

patchPerformance improvements to autocomplete dropdown

27 Jan 2022

Save Data

3 years after it was requested, I finally added a save feature. It was super complicated to build the basic functionality, and after a month (and a short break) the beta is ready.

In the initial release there is a limit of 3 save slots, this was done as I'm not sure how well the database will handle 10 thousand daily visits (this limit has been waived for supporters). Hopefully I can raise this for free accounts in the future, but it will depend on database running costs.


It took quite some time to build the save and load functions, which rely on the command import functionality, so having command import working was essential and was the focus of 2021. Moving into 2022 the plan is to build on save data with improving user interface and adding features for a better experience. The next bunch of updates will focus on bug fixes and immediate small improvements.

minecraft/give-generator 1.8

addedUser save data

10 Dec 2021


Minor updates of existing libraries

minecraft/give-generator 1.7.4

patchMinor updates of name and lore editor

2 Dec 2021

Minecraft 1.18

Minor updates for 1.18, tools now select 1.18 by default. A few other minor changes in the final release.

minecraft/give-generator 1.7.3

added1.18 minor block state changes

18 Nov 2021

Multi purpose patch date

General bug fixes and improvements on existing tools. More to come, I have a small list of things to fix so updates are focused on them at the moment.

minecraft/give-generator 1.7.2

patchUX Improvements to Barrels, Chests, Shulkerbox options (credit: reddit/calamariclam_II). Fixed Bundles.

21 Oct 2021

Reset Mobs Command Generator

Thursdays are usually update day, a few minor bug fixes on give command generator import. Getting mob generator ready for import by adding reset button. After that save becomes a bit more of a goal.

minecraft/give-generator 1.7.1

patchImprovements to import, notability player heads and potions.

14 Oct 2021

New Knowledge Books Give Command Generator

Adding to the list of useful give generators, this one has a complete list of recipes for quick recipe look up.

minecraft/give-generator 1.7

addedKnowledge Books Give Command Generator.

8 Oct 2021

Improved Falling Block Tool

A bunch of improvements to the falling block tool. This update merges the block state and falling tab together, as the tool is much more the same tool with options. Also added import falling block command. In the background, unit testing is slowing being rolled out over all tools so as to increase stability in future releases.

minecraft/give-generator 1.6.1

addedSummon Falling Block generator import and ux improvements.

30 Sep 2021

Falling Butter

New minecraft tool Summon Falling Block Generator, an upgrade of the set block tool (credit: reddit/creepern1111). Also added product and mill production for Albion Online animal farm calculator.

minecraft/give-generator 1.6

addedSummon Falling Block generator.

17 Sep 2021

Boring Updates

A few quality of life updates, as the site grows we need better ways of moving around the site.

minecraft/give-generator 1.5.4

patchPostion Ambient, ShowParticles, ShowIcon switched to bool

5 Aug 2021

Loader Updated

Making way for more tools is the focus of this update with an overhaul of the way scripts are managed, compiled and load, including a new loader. Okay so super boring, but a big update that hopefully breaks nothing and changes things only in the background. This is the start of a lot lot more. Also new mega menu.

minecraft/give-generator 1.5.3

patchPrevent new line on name

28 Jun 2021
minecraft/give-generator 1.5.2

patchIssue with potion command not generating.

25 Jun 2021
minecraft/give-generator 1.5.1

patchIssue with some items not showing.

24 Jun 2021

New Setblock Tool

This update mainly addresses the item vs block bug in the give command generator. When it comes to potatoes vs potato, one if for setblock and one is for the give command, which gets a little confusing when searching. So over the past several weeks I've been rebuilding the database spiting it into items, blocks and both.

It's a bit of an uninteresting background update, but on the plus side I've also added a setblock tool which includes blockstates, which can be useful for some and also allows for some debugging.

minecraft/give-generator 1.5

addedSetblock generator.
addedSplit the object database into blocks and items. Updated autocomplete.

3 Jun 2021

New Tool, Chests and Shulker Box

A command generator that sets the contents for chests, shulker boxes, barrels, hoppers and more. Give a full shulker box or setblock a chest with items.

Mostly give functionally, so we really need a full setblock tool to complete this ... guess what I'm working on next :-D

minecraft/give-generator 1.4

addedContainer generator for chests, shulkerboxes, droppers and more.

31 May 2021
minecraft/give-generator 1.3.3

patchFixed player head js bug (credit: reddit/Treycker)

27 May 2021

Summon potion, improved summon fireworks

This update prepares the way for update v1.4 as the next tool will be chest/shulkers. I've reworked a bit of the ui for summon and eventually setblock command.

minecraft/give-generator 1.3.2

addedSummon potion, improved summon fireworks
patchImport attributes, cando and other repeater elements issue
patchAttributes removed min/max limitations, these can add up to anything (credit: reddit/cheluu_02)
patchRemoved quotation marks from negative values (credit: reddit/kadenbcampbell)

4 Apr 2021
minecraft/give-generator 1.3.1

patchServer prefix undefined bug (credit: reddit/Commission-Either)

25 Mar 2021
minecraft/give-generator 1.3

addedFireworks generator
addedHide item dyed color
patchGeneric color picker improvements

10 Mar 2021
minecraft/give-generator 1.2.13

patchGeneric color picker improvements (preparing for fireworks)

4 Mar 2021
minecraft/give-generator 1.2.12

patchEnchanted Books, prefixes not working

18 Feb 2021
minecraft/give-generator 1.2.11

addedCustom textures for Player Heads
patchUUID changes (more to come)

8 Feb 2021

Hey everyone, small update to make life easier for you server command wizzes. Under the extras tab, there is now server prefix, you can type your own and select a few options (prefix all, command only ,blocks/effects only).

For everyone the latest batch of 1.17 blocks and items have been added, mossy cave and glow squids.

minecraft/give-generator 1.2.10

addedBetter server prefixes
added21w05 Mossy cave blocks, glowsquids (1.17)

14 Jan 2021
minecraft/give-generator 1.2.9c

addedJson nbt tag data debug function
addedJson nbt tag data validation function
patchMinor patch for attributes (and simular)

6 Jan 2021
minecraft/give-generator 1.2.8

addedPotion js error

5 Jan 2021
minecraft/give-generator 1.2.7

added20w51 Axolotls (1.17)

4 Dec 2020
minecraft/give-generator 1.2.6

added20w49 blocks and items (1.17)

19 Nov 2020
minecraft/give-generator 1.2.5

patchNBT Color to color
patchImport attributes across versions

17 Nov 2020
minecraft/give-generator 1.2.4

patchBugged knockbackResistance 1.15

13 Nov 2020
minecraft/give-generator 1.2.3

addedImport nbt improvements, attributes, adventure mode and few other tags
addedReset button

6 Nov 2020
minecraft/give-generator 1.2.2

added1.17 blocks and entities in 20w45

31 Oct 2020
minecraft/give-generator 1.2.1

addedImport for enchantment books, playerheads, potions
patchMinor nbt StoredEnchantments generation error

23 Oct 2020
minecraft/give-generator 1.2

addedImport command frame work (early access)
addedAsset loading optimisaton

16 Sep 2020
minecraft/give-generator 1.1.1

addedEntityTag Invisible for item frames and armor stands

10 Sep 2020

Minecraft Give generator v1.1 , Player heads and Enchanting Books

This update added generators for enchanted books and playerheads.

Enchanted books allow the addition of stored enchantments, similar to enhancements on items.

Player heads allows to set the player name for head skin, also included some presets.

Next update will be minor improvements based on feedback and a few small additions. Maybe more presets for player heads.

minecraft/give-generator 1.1

addedPlayer head generator
addedBook of enchanting generator

21 Aug 2020
minecraft/give-generator 1.0.2

addedToggle simple fonts for devices that can't handle complex font rendering.
patchMinor improvements to name and lore parser

22 Jul 2020
minecraft/give-generator 1.0.1

addedPotions and tipped arrows generator

10 Jul 2020
minecraft/give-generator 0.9.2

patchImproved relevancy on search for item/block suggest

6 Jul 2020
minecraft/give-generator 0.9.1

patch1.12 not selecting 1.12 output format (credit: reddit/TheLifelessNerd)

3 Jul 2020
minecraft/give-generator 0.9

added1.16 Name and Lore hex colors
addedNew Name and Lore layout, toggle full width, nbt optimizations
patchJson encoder and decoder improvements for IntArray, and single quote optimization (should fix some issues)

25 Jun 2020
minecraft/give-generator 0.8.2

patch1.16 Attributes UUID generation changes

9 Jun 2020
minecraft/give-generator 0.8.1

addedShow max survival level on enchantments
addedEnchantments and Attributes now filter for version
addedEnchantment Soul Speed
addedMake an item look enchanted (but with no enchantments)

7 Jun 2020
minecraft/give-generator 0.8

added1.16 blocks and items (initial load with more updates on the way)
patchReloaded 891 blocks and items icons (yes it was a grind)

21 May 2020
minecraft/give-generator 0.7.6

addedRepair Cost (credit: reddit/PyroSweets)

2 Feb 2020
minecraft/give-generator 0.7.5

patchAttribute, allow negatives
patchChange attribute UUID generation

26 Jan 2020
minecraft/give-generator 0.7.4

addedName and Lore obfuscated and strike-through text option
addedNotes and ux improvements
patchAllowed text styles on the same line (credit: planetminecraft/dran_k)

6 Jan 2020
minecraft/give-generator 0.7.3

addedMinecraft Java 1.15

20 Dec 2019
minecraft/give-generator 0.7.1

addedAll the attribute (removed type filter)

22 Aug 2019
minecraft/give-generator 0.7

addedMinecraft formated json encoding method, option for minecraft/standard (extras)
addedName item short/long option for servers (extras)
patchImproved Lore nbt generation and removed superfluous elements

14 Jun 2019
minecraft/give-generator 0.6

addedCan place/destroy rules
addedBlock/item search optimisation and free form entry

9 Jun 2019
minecraft/give-generator 0.5.6

addedName to attributes, improved ui

24 May 2019
minecraft/give-generator 0.5.5

added1.14 new stairs, slabs and walls
added1.14 lore colors and styles
patch1.14 lore NBT

8 May 2019
minecraft/give-generator 0.5.4

addedEnchant item recommendation icons

28 Apr 2019
minecraft/give-generator 0.5.3

patchRemoved min/max for enchantments
patch1.14 is now default

6 Mar 2019
minecraft/give-generator 0.5.2

addedDye leather armor color NBT
added1.14 blocks and entities (work in progress)
addedMoved display flags and added extra's tab

21 Feb 2019
minecraft/give-generator 0.5.1

patchImproved block search performance
patchSome missing blocks and block issues for 1.12 and 1.13

30 Jan 2019
minecraft/give-generator 0.5

addedColored name text NBT
addedJavascript load improvements

28 Dec 2018
minecraft/give-generator 0.4

addedAttributes buffs/debuffs system NBT
addedWarning for long commands
patch1.12 command error due to missing itemdata integer

13 Dec 2018
minecraft/give-generator 0.3

added1.13 missing blocks and entities
addedBasic Bedrock command
addedPages for each version

8 Nov 2018
minecraft/give-generator 0.2.1

addedHideflags option, and updated the item preview to show enchantments and unbreakable tag.

15 Sep 2018
minecraft/give-generator 0.2

addedFull overhaul, 1.12 and 1.13 commands
addedEnchantments, name and lore text.

20 Jul 2018
minecraft/give-generator 0.1

addedInitial build, with search and basic command generator