Release 114 - Team and Tag

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Update Release 114
14 Jul 2022

Team and Tag

This week's update focuses on small things that were missing and pointed out by people on both reddit and pmc.

Cyber_Killer_ (pmc) and BingoOnBreak (reddit) both suggested the mob team tag be added. This tag allows mobs to be added automatically to a team on summon. Commands can later target those mobs by the team selector. Very useful and had been missing for some time.

/team add blueTeam

/summon minecraft:chicken ~ ~ ~ {Team:blueTeam}

/kill @e[team=blueTeam]

Indigen0us suggested we add Tags for items, so now items can be given an comma separated list of tags. Similar to team, these tags can be used to target items with various commands. I also noticed Tags was broken on Mobs, so that has been added correctly this time.

GameDokter51 (pmc) and GhostIsBeHere (reddit) both pointed out that the item enchantment Swift Sneak was missing. I'm not sure how that once sneaked by, but I've added it now.

In the background I've been working on improving automated tests, currently there are over 100 tests that are run to check I didn't break anything (and yet things still sometimes break!)

A big thank you to gamergeeks support donators, Nyaeris, Ethyriel, Loser, Mika

minecraft/mob-generator 1.2

addedMob team nbt box
patchMob tags added proper this time

minecraft/give-generator 1.9

addedEnchantment Swift Sneak