Release 115 - Bugs and Cats Variants

Version History

Update Release 115
21 Jul 2022

Bugs and Cats Variants

This week's update focuses on bug and improvements, with the help of the wonderful people on reddit and pmc.

Cats in 1.19 had a nbt change from CatType to variants, along with switching from ids to strings.

Snowyboi (pmc) discovered the odd behaviour of falling blocks needing quotes on the block state nbt values, usually minecraft doesn't require these for values when there are no spaces. Both summon falling block and setblock have some odd quirks and probably will need more work over time.

GameDokter51 (pmc) points out that shulker had an overflow issue. I've restructured the internal data that should prevent this.

A big thank to the ongoing gamergeeks donors, Nyaeris, Ethyriel, Loser

minecraft/mob-generator 1.2.1

added1.19 cat nbt variant generator

minecraft/give-generator 1.9.1

patchSummon falling block nbt block state data
patchShulker content internal improvements