Release 147 - Area cloud affect updated and other bug fixes

Version History

Update Release 147
17 Aug 2023

Area cloud affect updated and other bug fixes

Area cloud affect has been updated, potion effects now work correctly and color can now be set for entity_effect. There are other color particle syntax and this will be the focus of next future update. Thanks to redditors TheOceanMango and ChaotiXu for motivation on this one.

Fixed, note particle generator default values so colors are generated correctly with out need to manual set. Thanks to redditor LyoGyo once again reporting another improvement.

Fixed, Locked containers don't lock. Due to a tag in the wrong place containers wouldn't lock correctly. Thanks to redditor GhostIsBeHere

Fixed: Item Tag bug, Tags:["tags"] instead of tags:1b. Thanks to redditor deleted, with so many tags it's tricky to know how they all work. Probably will need a little more work in this area.

minecraft/command-generator 2.4.1

patchnote particle generator default value

minecraft/give-generator 1.12.1

patchchest generator lock
patchgive item tag bool

minecraft/mob-generator 1.4.1

addedarea_effect_cloud color