Release 138 - Goat horns and enchantments

Version History

Update Release 138
4 May 2023

Goat horns and enchantments

A range of minor updates this week.

Epic_Games000 suggested adding goat horn sounds, this was a nice test into further work on version 2 of the item generator. It was interesting to add the play sound buttons, maybe I will look at more sound commands in the future.

Hi_MyNameSteve pointed out that the tellraw text editor was custom color picker for text. So that has been added. Bedrock still has no support for this.

The second version of the item generator, which creates signs, now includes enchantments and additional tags. These updates are in preparation for the development of a custom armor generator that will support the 1.20 armor trims.

minecraft/command-generator 1.7

addedGive goat horn custom generator
addedVersion 2 item generator gets enchantment and extra tags support
patchSupport for Hex colors in Text Editor for Title and tellraw java