Release 148 - Area cloud affect updated and other bug fixes

Version History

Update Release 148
31 Aug 2023

Area cloud affect updated and other bug fixes

Area cloud affect has been updated, which have effects and more partical options with blocks and items. Thanks to redditors TheOceanMango and ChaotiXu for motivation on this one.

Fixed, Added more decimal points to mob loot drop, to allow for smaller percentage odds of drops. Thanks to redditor RealTooPoo for suggesting this.

Fixed, uuid numbers now regenerate on attributes when the item is changed. Thanks to redditor camerasantikaren for working with me to get this one corrected.

Fixed, Added turtle helmet to armor buttons.

minecraft/command-generator 2.5

patchattributes on armor generator now updated uuid on item change
patchadded turtle helmet which was missing from material icons

minecraft/mob-generator 1.5

addedarea_effect_cloud more options and effects
patchadded more decimals to mob items drop chance