Release 141 - Additions and Patches

Version History

Update Release 141
15 Jun 2023

Additions and Patches

The item command generator now includes attributes and adventure mode features, which brings the signs and books closer to having all the features of the give generator. Additionally, the command generator's semantic version has been bumped to version 2.0, as it will eventually replace the give generator and serve as the core command generator.

Bug fixes

I greatly appreciate your efforts in reporting issues and providing suggestions.

A recent update broke custom egg icon selector on the mob generator. Thanks redditor calamariclam_II for reporting.

A strange bug with custom colors on written books has been hopefully now been patched. Thanks redditor Monkeyswithpie for reporting.


Signs need a 1.20 update. Then a few more bug fixes, minor improvements as reported, and then the armor generator. Also I really need to add a better minecraft font to the editor.

minecraft/command-generator 2.0

addedItem generator gets attributes and adventure mode features

minecraft/mob-generator 1.3.1

patchUnable to select custom egg