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Setblock Command Generator

A Minecraft creative command tool to for the setblock command. With preloaded options for block states to alter appears for blocks that have variations. This allows for options like stair orientations, crop growth phases, and door alignments. The command places blocks within the Minecraft environment much like a player, but with the capability to establish predetermined appearances that would typically necessitate in-world interaction.

Temporary States

Some block states only work under certain conditions. For some states require blocks next to them or certain conditions to stay active. Notably, fences and walls have directions that can be set but will only stay if another block is next to it. Likewise stairs can be set direction (facing) and upside down, but when shape is set it will reset unless another set of stairs is next to it.

Crops and Bee Hives

The setblock command is useful for setting crop ages, such as potatoes crops and beetroot crops. You can also set honey levels in bee nests and bee hives.

Block Orientations

The command block stats can set various wood log directions. Trapdoor states, if doors are already open. Set which way many blocks are facing, such as bee hives. The list goes on.

[Beta] Item Generator

This generator is a working prototype of the item generator, built on the newer command generator framework. This includes new options for command output and structured data.

It has fewer options at the moment, so it won't replace the existing item generators until all the existing options have been added to this version. It does feature an improved text editor and will eventually have more options.

Version History

23 Nov 2023
minecraft/command-generator 2.9

addedSummon block display
addedUpdated summon falling block and setblock

9 Nov 2023
minecraft/command-generator 2.8.2

patchCode refactoring

6 Nov 2023
minecraft/command-generator 2.8.1

patch1.20.2 Potion generator overhaul

3 Nov 2023
minecraft/command-generator 2.8

added1.20.2 Potion generator overhaul

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