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The upcoming Minecraft snapshot has changed the command output structure, so most commands will no longer work in the latest snapshot. An update is being worked on, but it will take some time as every tool needs to be updated and quite a number of changes have been made by Mojang.

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Minecraft Evoker NBT Data Tags

Using the summon command to spawn in a minecraft evoker is simple, take the command and enter into chat and presto you have an evoker.

How to set the Evoker's spell cooldown

Evokers cast a number of spells, this spell casting ability has a cool down timer known as SpellTicks. When set to a positive value it will tick down (20 ticks per second). When reaching zero the Evoker can cast a spell.

/summon minecraft:evoker ~ ~ ~ {SpellTicks:200}

Illager Patrols

Setting Patrolling:1 and PatrolTarget coordinates will make illagers to move towards the patrol target.
/summon minecraft:evoker ~ ~ ~ {Patrolling:1,PatrolTarget:{X:100,Y:65,Z:400}}

Add a patrol leader PatrolLeader:1 to allow for players to receive the Bad Omen status when slaying the patrol leader.
/summon minecraft:evoker ~ ~ ~ {Patrolling:1,PatrolLeader:1,PatrolTarget:{X:100,Y:65,Z:400}}

Illager Raids

Unfortunately setting the raid tags doesn't seem to create a raid, maybe someone would be able to work these tags out.

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