Release 113 - New pixel letter font, minecraft 2x2

Version History

Update Release 113
5 Jul 2022

New pixel letter font, minecraft 2x2

This release brings a 2x2 block font for the pixel text generator, with thanks to KK for providing the letter shapes and a number of other suggested improvements.

This update also fixes a bug in loading save data in the mob generator. Thanks to MCBeeker and Nischmath for helping me find that elusive bug.


Thank you everyone, a lot input lately and things get busy after a Minecraft update. With so much planned I've had to update my work flow a bit to better keep track of bugs and suggestions.

minecraft/mob-generator 1.1.4

patchLoad function not loading

pixel/generators 0.3.2

addedMinecraft 2x2 font
addedAdditional characters and other imporements