Minecraft : Archery Range

Minecraft Archery Range
Building an archery range is one of the simplest builds on Minecraft. It's possible to build with just buttons and redstone lanterns, this tutorial goes one step further by adding command blocks for simple messages, it also has a range of ideas for different target practice.

Command blocks are below, or ...

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Archery Target Blocks

Minecraft Archery Range
The basic target is a command block setup behind a wooden button, the first button runs an message command, followed by a clear arrow command. Chain command allows the both blocks to be run, make sure the command block arrows follow a correct line.

Command Block ~ Message command
[Impulse] [Needs Redstone]

/tellraw @a [{"text":"","color":"red","extra":[{"selector":"@p"}]}, {"text":" hit target #1","color": "white"}]

Command Block ~ Clear arrows
[Chain] [Always Active]

/minecraft:kill @e[type=minecraft:arrow,distance=..5]

Get Bow and Arrow commands

Minecraft Archery Range
Shooting the archery range targets is a lot easier if one doesn't need a lot of arrows. These command blocks give a enchanted bow, that won't run out of arrows. But you will need that one arrow.

Command Block ~ Give Enchanted Bow
[Impulse] [Needs Redstone]

/minecraft:give @p bow{"display":{"Name":"{\"text\":\"Shooty\"}","Lore":["Pew Pew Pew"]},"Unbreakable":1,"Enchantments":[{"id":"infinity","lvl":1}]} 1

Command Block ~ Give Arrow
[Impulse] [Needs Redstone]

/minecraft:give @p minecraft:arrow

Archery Range Tutorial



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