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Minecraft Give Enchanted Book Generator

This generator contains a complete list of all the Minecraft Recipes for knowledge books, providing an easy selection tool for command generation. Knowledge books can only be accessed by using commands and are not found in the creative inventory. This is mainly because knowledge books require the nbt Recipes tag, which is the list of recipes.

Recipes nbt tag

Without a list of recipes the knowledge_book item has no purpose. It's easy to list recipes in the nbt with the following command structure.
/give @p knowledge_book{Recipes:[iron_axe,iron_shovel]} 1

Setup Mode

Knowledge books require limited crafting enabled. It also helps to be in adventure or survival mode.
/gamerule doLimitedCrafting true

How do you reset Recipe Book triggers

This command is useful to remove all recipe knowledge from a player. Good for map start up, or when testing knowledge books. Players keep knowledge unless removed.
/recipe take @p *

This command pattern is useful to remove certain recipe knowledge from a player.
/recipe take @p minecraft:iron_shovel

Or if you need to return all recipes to a player.
/recipe give @s *

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