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Written Book Command Maker Tool

Generate a give command for the Minecraft written book item, and add your own written content. Set color and styles, with some support for links and commands. The page editor allows for a variety text colors and styles. By linking text you can add links and commands. Commands in links can be a little tricky, so not all commands may work.

Page flow, pagination

There are several limits with page spacing. Pages allow for 14 lines, each line allows about 23 characters. Words and characters will automatically wrap to the next line. Create new lines using the enter key. Extra lines will be cut off the bottom of a page and not visible in most cases.

Creating New Pages

Use the "Insert page break" button to add new pages. New pages will separate into page by a horizontal line. To remove page breaks use the backspace or delete key, in the space way you would remove text.

[Beta] Item Generator

This generator is a working prototype of the item generator, built on the newer command generator framework. This includes new options for command output and structured data.

It has fewer options at the moment, so it won't replace the existing item generators until all the existing options have been added to this version. It does feature an improved text editor and will eventually have more options.

Version History

23 Nov 2023
minecraft/command-generator 2.9

addedSummon block display
addedUpdated summon falling block and setblock

9 Nov 2023
minecraft/command-generator 2.8.2

patchCode refactoring

6 Nov 2023
minecraft/command-generator 2.8.1

patch1.20.2 Potion generator overhaul

3 Nov 2023
minecraft/command-generator 2.8

added1.20.2 Potion generator overhaul

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