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Colored Note Particle, Command Maker Tool

Block Particles, Block Marker Particles, Falling Dust Particles, Item Particles

Generate block, block marker, falling dust and item particles with this command maker tool that helps set which block or items to use for the particle effect.. These particles have an extra argument after the particle name that sets the block or item to use in display. Command blocks work well for theses.

Block, Block Marker, Falling Dust

The particles have a block id and an optional block state tag. The block id usually takes the main block texture to use for the particle. The block state will alter the appearance in some cases, for example crops age will change the look. In many other cases the block state will have no affect. Block states don't seem to affect falling dust.

The following particle block command will create a green wheat particles.
particle block wheat[age=3] ~ ~1 ~ 0 0 0 0 1

The following particle block command will create a brown wheat particles.
particle block wheat[age=3] ~ ~1 ~ 0 0 0 0 1

The following particle block_marker command will display a young green wheat icon particle .
particle block_marker wheat[age=3] ~ ~1 ~ 0 0 0 0 1

The following particle block_marker command will display a ready to harvest brown wheat particle .
particle block_marker wheat[age=7] ~ ~1 ~ 0 0 0 0 1

The following particle falling_dust command will display green dust, block state has no effect.
particle falling_dust wheat ~ ~1 ~ 0 0 0 0 1


As with blocks, item has an additional item id and also allows nbt data. However the nbt data has no effect. The item particle is similar to the block particle.
particle item apple ~ ~1 ~ 0 0 0 0 1

Version History

16 May 2024
minecraft/command-generator 2.15.8

patch1.20.5 fixed sweeping which had been renamed to sweeping_edge

17 May 2024
minecraft/command-generator 2.15.7

added1.20.5 import for banners, enchanted books, fireworks, goat horns, knowledge books, player heads, potions, signs, and written books

16 May 2024
minecraft/command-generator 2.15.6

added1.20.5 import for base command, and armor

9 May 2024
minecraft/command-generator 2.15.5

added1.20.5 support for banners and premade banners
patch1.20.5 potion Ambient, Particles, Icon

2 May 2024
minecraft/command-generator 2.15.4

added1.20.5 support for summon item
added1.20.5 support for signs
patchplayer head texture urls not working

29 Apr 2024
minecraft/command-generator 2.15.3

added1.20.5 support for Enchanted Books, Fireworks, Player Heads

23 Apr 2024
minecraft/command-generator 2.15.2

added1.20.5 support for Potions, Written Books
patchTargets not updating when updated

18 Apr 2024
minecraft/command-generator 2.15.1

added1.20.5 support for Armor, Knowledge Books
patchItem search

18 Apr 2024
minecraft/command-generator 2.15

addedGive generator migrated to version 2
addedBanner generator migrated to version 2
added1.20.5 predicates, sbt

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