Minecraft : Item Generator Give Command Generator for 1.13 java

Minecraft 1.20.5 has changed syntax on many commands, so most commands will no longer work without an update. An update is in progress, you can check compatibility progress here.

Try the Commands Troubleshooting and Help page if you get stuff with server errors.

Minecraft Version Notes

The minecraft give command for 1.13 removes block ids completely, it also removes ids from enchantments and changes the dataTag. The dataTag is now part of the item argument and some of the structure changes.
/give <player> <item> [<count>]
/give @p iron_shovel{"display":{"Name":"{\"text\":\"Super Shovel\"}"},"Enchantments":[{"id":"efficiency","lvl":5}]} 1

New Block in Minecraft 1.13 java

Acacia Pressure Plate
Acacia Trapdoor
Acacia Wood
Birch Pressure Plate
Birch Trapdoor
Black Bed
Blue Bed
Blue Ice
Brain Coral
Brain Coral Block
Brain Coral Fan
Brain Coral Wall Fan
Brown Bed
Bubble Column
Bubble Coral
Bubble Coral Block
Bubble Coral Fan
Bubble Coral Wall Fan
Bucket of Cod
Bucket of Pufferfish
Bucket of Salmon
Bucket of Tropical Fish
Carved Pumpkin
Cave Air
Chipped Anvil
Cod Spawn Egg
Cyan Bed
Damaged Anvil
Dark Oak Pressure Plate
Dark Oak Trapdoor
Dark Oak Wood
Dark Prismarine Slab
Dark Prismarine Stairs
Dead Brain Coral
Dead Brain Coral Block
Dead Brain Coral Fan
Dead Brain Coral Wall Fan
Dead Bubble Coral
Dead Bubble Coral Block
Dead Bubble Coral Fan
Dead Bubble Coral Wall Fan
Dead Fire Coral
Dead Fire Coral Block
Dead Fire Coral Fan
Dead Fire Coral Wall Fan
Dead Horn Coral
Dead Horn Coral Block
Dead Horn Coral Fan
Dead Horn Coral Wall Fan
Dead Tube Coral
Dead Tube Coral Block
Dead Tube Coral Fan
Dead Tube Coral Wall Fan
Debug Stick
Dolphin Spawn Egg
Dried Kelp
Dried Kelp Block
Drowned Spawn Egg
Fire Coral
Fire Coral Block
Fire Coral Fan
Fire Coral Wall Fan
Gray Bed
Green Bed
Heart of the Sea
Horn Coral
Horn Coral Block
Horn Coral Fan
Horn Coral Wall Fan
Jungle Pressure Plate
Jungle Trapdoor
Kelp Plant
Light Blue Bed
Light Gray Bed
Lime Bed
Magenta Bed
Mushroom Stem
Nautilus Shell
Orange Bed
Petrified Oak Slab
Phantom Membrane
Phantom Spawn Egg
Pink Bed
Prismarine Brick Slab
Prismarine Brick Stairs
Prismarine Slab
Prismarine Stairs
Pufferfish Spawn Egg
Purple Bed
Salmon Spawn Egg
Sea Pickle
Shulker Box
Smooth Quartz Block
Smooth Red Sandstone
Smooth Sandstone
Smooth Stone
Spruce Pressure Plate
Spruce Trapdoor
Stripped Acacia Log
Stripped Acacia Wood
Stripped Birch Log
Stripped Birch Wood
Stripped Dark Oak Log
Stripped Dark Oak Wood
Stripped Jungle Log
Stripped Jungle Wood
Stripped Oak Log
Stripped Oak Wood
Stripped Spruce Log
Stripped Spruce Wood
Tall Seagrass
Tropical Fish Spawn Egg
Tube Coral
Tube Coral Block
Tube Coral Fan
Tube Coral Wall Fan
Turtle Egg
Turtle Shell
Turtle Spawn Egg
Void Air
Wall Torch
White Bed
Yellow Bed

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Version History

6 Jun 2024
minecraft/command-generator 2.15.11

added1.21 items
addedSome 1.20.5 particle support
patch1.20.5 Container item component nbt

30 May 2024
minecraft/command-generator 2.15.10

patchText/Lore importing

23 May 2024
minecraft/command-generator 2.15.9

added1.20.5 finished adding summon potion, firework, item, falling block, and block display support

16 May 2024
minecraft/command-generator 2.15.8

patch1.20.5 fixed sweeping which had been renamed to sweeping_edge

17 May 2024
minecraft/command-generator 2.15.7

added1.20.5 import for banners, enchanted books, fireworks, goat horns, knowledge books, player heads, potions, signs, and written books

16 May 2024
minecraft/command-generator 2.15.6

added1.20.5 import for base command, and armor

9 May 2024
minecraft/command-generator 2.15.5

added1.20.5 support for banners and premade banners
patch1.20.5 potion Ambient, Particles, Icon

2 May 2024
minecraft/command-generator 2.15.4

added1.20.5 support for summon item
added1.20.5 support for signs
patchplayer head texture urls not working

29 Apr 2024
minecraft/command-generator 2.15.3

added1.20.5 support for Enchanted Books, Fireworks, Player Heads

23 Apr 2024
minecraft/command-generator 2.15.2

added1.20.5 support for Potions, Written Books
patchTargets not updating when updated

18 Apr 2024
minecraft/command-generator 2.15.1

added1.20.5 support for Armor, Knowledge Books
patchItem search

18 Apr 2024
minecraft/command-generator 2.15

addedGive generator migrated to version 2
addedBanner generator migrated to version 2
added1.20.5 predicates, sbt

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