Minecraft : Item Generator Give Command Generator for 1.21 java

Update 2.15.19, you may need to clear cache for updated files.
Minecraft 1.20.5 has changed syntax on many commands, so most commands will no longer work without an update. An update is in progress, you can check compatibility progress here.

Try the Commands Troubleshooting and Help page if you get stuff with server errors.

New Block in Minecraft 1.21 java

Banner Pattern - Flow
Banner Pattern - Guster
Bogged Spawn Egg
Breeze Rod
Breeze Spawn Egg
Chiseled Copper
Chiseled Tuff
Chiseled Tuff Bricks
Copper Bulb
Copper Door
Copper Grate
Copper Trapdoor
Exposed Chiseled Copper
Exposed Copper Bulb
Exposed Copper Door
Exposed Copper Grate
Exposed Copper Trapdoor
Flow Pottery Sherd
Guster Pottery Sherd
Heavy Core
Music Disc - Aaron Cherof - Precipice
Music Disc - Lena Raine - Creator
Music Disc - Lena Raine - Creator (Music Box)
Ominous Bottle
Ominous Trial Key
Oxidized Chiseled Copper
Oxidized Copper Bulb
Oxidized Copper Door
Oxidized Copper Grate
Oxidized Copper Trapdoor
Polished Tuff
Polished Tuff Slab
Polished Tuff Stairs
Polished Tuff Wall
Scrape Pottery Sherd
Smithing Template
Smithing Template
Trial Key
Trial Spawner
Tuff Brick Slab
Tuff Brick Stairs
Tuff Brick Wall
Tuff Bricks
Tuff Slab
Tuff Stairs
Tuff Wall
Waxed Chiseled Copper
Waxed Copper Bulb
Waxed Copper Door
Waxed Copper Grate
Waxed Copper Trapdoor
Waxed Exposed Chiseled Copper
Waxed Exposed Copper Bulb
Waxed Exposed Copper Door
Waxed Exposed Copper Grate
Waxed Exposed Copper Trapdoor
Waxed Oxidized Chiseled Copper
Waxed Oxidized Copper Bulb
Waxed Oxidized Copper Door
Waxed Oxidized Copper Grate
Waxed Oxidized Copper Trapdoor
Waxed Weathered Chiseled Copper
Waxed Weathered Copper Bulb
Waxed Weathered Copper Door
Waxed Weathered Copper Grate
Waxed Weathered Copper Trapdoor
Weathered Chiseled Copper
Weathered Copper Bulb
Weathered Copper Door
Weathered Copper Grate
Weathered Copper Trapdoor
Wind Charge

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Version History

19 Jul 2024
minecraft/command-generator 2.15.19

added1.21 particles
patch1.21 particles syntax issues on particles with extra options
patchCommand save to storage issues

12 Jul 2024
minecraft/command-generator 2.15.18

addedAllow attributes ids to be set for 1.21, name for before 1.21

10 Jul 2024
minecraft/command-generator 2.15.17

addedNew attributes and removed uuid for 1.21
patch1.20.5+ give summon item name and lore
patch1.20.5+ tag to custom_data
patchCaching changes for icons

4 Jul 2024
minecraft/command-generator 2.15.16

addedCache busting for updates

3 Jul 2024
minecraft/command-generator 2.15.15

addedGive fake enchantment, potential fix

3 Jul 2024
minecraft/command-generator 2.15.14

patchAttributes not importing correctly

28 Jun 2024
minecraft/command-generator 2.15.13

patchIn some cases the enchantment tab disappears

26 Jun 2024
minecraft/command-generator 2.15.12

added1.21 is now default
patch1.21 attributes name changed to id.
patchText editor single quote and escape character handling

6 Jun 2024
minecraft/command-generator 2.15.11

added1.21 items
addedSome 1.20.5 particle support
patch1.20.5 Container item component nbt

30 May 2024
minecraft/command-generator 2.15.10

patchText/Lore importing

23 May 2024
minecraft/command-generator 2.15.9

added1.20.5 finished adding summon potion, firework, item, falling block, and block display support

16 May 2024
minecraft/command-generator 2.15.8

patch1.20.5 fixed sweeping which had been renamed to sweeping_edge

17 May 2024
minecraft/command-generator 2.15.7

added1.20.5 import for banners, enchanted books, fireworks, goat horns, knowledge books, player heads, potions, signs, and written books

16 May 2024
minecraft/command-generator 2.15.6

added1.20.5 import for base command, and armor

9 May 2024
minecraft/command-generator 2.15.5

added1.20.5 support for banners and premade banners
patch1.20.5 potion Ambient, Particles, Icon

2 May 2024
minecraft/command-generator 2.15.4

added1.20.5 support for summon item
added1.20.5 support for signs
patchplayer head texture urls not working

29 Apr 2024
minecraft/command-generator 2.15.3

added1.20.5 support for Enchanted Books, Fireworks, Player Heads

23 Apr 2024
minecraft/command-generator 2.15.2

added1.20.5 support for Potions, Written Books
patchTargets not updating when updated

18 Apr 2024
minecraft/command-generator 2.15.1

added1.20.5 support for Armor, Knowledge Books
patchItem search

18 Apr 2024
minecraft/command-generator 2.15

addedGive generator migrated to version 2
addedBanner generator migrated to version 2
added1.20.5 predicates, sbt

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